March 28, 2023
Big Brother winner Taylor Hale confirms relationship with former co-star

Big Brother winner Taylor Hale confirms relationship with former co-star

Big brotherTaylor Hale and Joseph Abdin have confirmed they are a couple.

The duo met at the start of the latest series of the long-running American version of the show, their 24th overall.

Abdin exited on day 51, while Hale was crowned on day 82 as the winner and America’s favorite HouseGuest, taking home $800,000 and becoming the first black winner.

Following rumors and social media posts, the couple released a statement to People revealing that they are indeed a couple.


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Hale said: “My connection to Joseph is undeniable, and I knew from the moment he kissed me last night that we would find a way to be together.

“His heart is bigger than the galaxy, and now we have the privilege of sharing our hearts with each other. I love him so much – I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

“From the moment I saw Taylor I knew she was something special. Our spark started in the show and we decided to wait until after the game,” added Abdin. “Since then, we have only come closer and confirmed what we already knew.

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“It’s been a roller coaster experience, but I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else. She’s a remarkable woman who I’m so grateful to call mine. She may have won Big brotherbut I gained so much more.”

During their time on the show, the couple were chained at one point as part of a punishment for a task. For Halloween, they decided to reference this punishment with their outfits:

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The American version of Big brother has been renewed for a 25th season on CBS, while ITV2 is relaunching the UK version of the show next year. Applications for the series are open now.

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