June 5, 2023
'I'm not going anywhere': Dylan Mulvaney gives masterclass on Grace after Caitlyn Jenner's transphobic comments

‘I’m not going anywhere’: Dylan Mulvaney gives masterclass on Grace after Caitlyn Jenner’s transphobic comments

Transgender TikToker Dylan Mulvaney wants Caitlyn Jenner to know the call is coming from inside the house. On Sunday night, Mulvaney dedicated day 233 of his Tiktok “Days of Girlhood” series directly to Jenner after the Olympian recently echoed several transphobic and hurtful remarks about Mulvaney and her social media appearance. In the video, Mulvaney called herself and Jenner “two of the most privileged trans women in America right now” and asked Jenner to stop using her Republican platform to “publicly degrade” the community. trans.

It all started last week when Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted an old video of Mulvaney talking about normalizing different body types and giving thanks to trans people still trying to figure out how to present themselves. In the clip, Mulvaney revealed that she had trouble wearing tight clothes because some people at the mall would obviously stare at her crotch. As a solution, Mulvaney said people should normalize “women with bulges” instead of staring at them in public. “Normalize the bulge,” she sang. “We normalize the bulge. Women can get bulges, and that’s okay. We’re not going to look at their crotch. Blackburn called Mulvaney’s opinions “absurdities”, which won the approval of Jenner, who took things a step further, writing in a quote tweet, “Let’s not ‘normalize’ anything done that person.” But after multiple outlets reported the comments, Jenner put her Olympian resolve to work, gender error Mulvaney again and reiterating his disdain for Mulvaney’s message. “There’s a difference between acceptance and tolerance, and normalizing the exposure of your genitals in public and in a public place,” Jenner tweeted. “I can’t stand this at all, at all. Dylan… congratulate your trans with a penis.

With all the grace and class Jenner didn’t use, Mulvaney’s response called out Jenner for sending her followers to publicly ridicule her and asked the new Fox News contributor to think back to her early days of transitioning and try to think about people. she hurts with her cruel comments.

Mulvaney added that the video Jenner and Blackburn ridiculed came from the start of her transition when the designer was admittedly unskilled in the best ways to wear skirts and dresses. “Right now I’m not as comfortable talking about my private parts as I was when I made this video, and I felt like I was taken out,” Mulvaney said. “I didn’t really know how to fit that in at first. I always wore Calvin Klein men’s underwear. She added that Jenner’s comments were particularly hurtful because it was common knowledge in the transgender community that bottom surgery is an expensive and arduous procedure – and often values ​​poor or trans people of color. Mulvaney credited the support of two wiser trans women for giving her better underwear and questioned why Jenner was so willing to be hurtful to another member of her community to win praise from Republicans.

“You’ve been accepted by a group of people who very clearly don’t accept me, and almost every day this week I’ve been called a freak, a child predator, an absurdity,” Mulvaney said in his video on Sunday. “I’m none of those things your bandmates describe to me, and my question to you is, don’t you feel a little lonely out there?” These people you’re with, I don’t know if they have your best intentions at heart. But they will use you to make life for mine and the trans community much harder than it already is.

And from just a glance at the comments section of Mulvaney’s video, the designer’s compassion and sincere nature in which she tackles adversity are just a few of the many reasons why. Mulvaney followers continued to share their support for the trans activist and influencers. The “Days of Girlhood” creator has been a social media influencer for several years, but grew to nearly 8.5 million followers when she started the series documenting her transition as a transgender woman. The video series follows Mulvaney through the fun and uncomfortable aspects of being trans, with the creator often praised for her candor and humor.

Blackburn and Jenner’s apparent issue with Mulvaney most likely has to do with the content creator’s recent interview with President Joe Biden, where the two discussed gender-affirming healthcare and transgender rights. In early October, several customers of beauty store chain Ulta also started a #boycottUlta hashtag after Mulvaney appeared on an Ulta-branded podcast.

Jenner’s initial tweet was a bold move for one of America’s most recognizable trans women and incredibly surprising as she has said in the past that the stigma surrounding people who appear visibly transgender is “something that needs to change. “. Although she hasn’t publicly addressed Mulvaney’s video, Jenner has been incredibly candid about the backlash to her tweets, calling the LGBTQ+ community intolerant and hateful. “I have never received more death threats, death threats against my team, nasty hate mail than this week,” Jenner tweeted. “It all comes from the so-called ‘inclusive’ lgbt community. I am so disgusted by hateful individuals who threaten my life for speaking my mind on the hot topics of the day.

When contacted for comment by Rolling Stone, a spokesperson for Jenner’s team said the dishonest Mulvaney tweet was not written by Jenner but by a staff member.

“A member of Ms. Jenner’s team randomly misinterpreted Dylan, in the tweet ‘he’s talking about his penis’. For this, we deeply regret the comment and have taken appropriate action to rectify the situation, internally” , Jenner’s team said in a statement shared with rolling stone. “Ms. Jenner has no further comment on the matter and stands by her statements otherwise.

While Jenner continued to peddle her version of inclusivity that involves getting a Fox paycheck while blasting a 25-year-old trans woman to her 3 million Twitter followers, Mulvaney made it clear that she no longer respect or care to hear from Jenner. Instead, the influencer says she’s going to get on with her life (hopefully including meeting Jenner’s much more famous kids) and focus on using her platform for good. “I didn’t start ‘Days of Girlhood’ because being female seemed like fun. I started this show because of the unspoken shame of being newly trans,” Mulvaney said. “I’m moving forward, forward and upward, and I hope you do.”

And even with Jenner’s targeted attack, Mulvaney still took the time to wish the older trans woman a happy birthday. “I think everyone should have a nice birthday, even you,” Mulvaney said. “You are a Scorpio, I am a Capricorn; I guess we just aren’t compatible.

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