March 23, 2023
All "Modern Warfare 2" safe codes, locations and content

All “Modern Warfare 2” safe codes, locations and content

The single-player campaign Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is out now, having been released a week before the game’s full launch. Anyone who pre-ordered the game can participate in the campaign and earn additional rewards that will unlock when the multiplayer launches on October 28.

The campaign features a fairly diverse array of missions, with stealth and puzzle-solving an integral part of the gameplay, and all the shooting and blasting stuff these games are best known for. Some missions even have crafting.

You will also come across three safes during the campaign, which require combinations to unlock. You can figure it out for yourself or turn to this handy guide to help you unlock the safes and get some great loot inside. Here are the three locations, the secure combination codes, and what you’ll find when you unlock them.

Unlocking all three safes will grant you the Gentleman Thief achievement/trophy, so that’s an added bonus. Minor story spoilers ahead.

Safe #1: Mission 11 “The Unspeakable”

You will find the first safe in the “El Sin Nombre” mission. You have traveled to Mexico at this point and are trying to arrange a meeting with the mysterious cartel boss, El Sin Nombre. You’ll come to a point in the mission where you’ll be given a mask and allowed to move (mostly) freely around a mansion, though some areas are restricted by guards.

To find the first safe, exit through the main entrance when you leave the elevator and walk until you come to an open door on your left. Go through the door. You’ll see a balcony you can climb up without attracting the guards, then climb the stairs you find until you come to a room.

You can silently dispatch the two guards you encounter to this area. The one you see outside on the left patio is right across from the room you need to go to.

Go down the outer hallway to the left of the strip lounge until you reach a door on your left. This is Diego’s room. Enter and head to the closed closet near the bed. Inside you will find the safe.

The combination code can be found by looking at the portrait in the same room.

This is 02-02-19. Inside you will find a Lockwood 300 shotgun and a set of armor plates.

Safe #2: Mission 13 “Alone”

You will find the next safe shortly after in the “Alone” mission. Soap has been separated from Ghost and has no weapons. Wounded, you need to find crafting materials to make things like Smoke Bombs and the Pry Tool, which can get through locked doors and locked cases.

The first safe is located in the cafe above where you disarm a shotgun trap (and collect the very useful shotgun in the process). Make sure to avoid jumping into the lower part of the room you come in, as you won’t be able to go back. You’ll find a locked office door in the cafe that you’ll need a pry tool to get through. Once inside, you will find the safe.

If you look at the 2020 calendar on the wall, you will see that October 10 is circled. It says 40th anniversary on it. You need to do a little simple math here. If the birthday is the combination and the person turned 40 on October 10, that means the birthday is 10-10-1980 and the security code is 10-10-80.

Inside you’ll find a throwing knife and a silenced .50 GS pistol, useful items for a mostly stealthy mission.

Safe #3: Mission 13 “Alone”

I guess it makes sense that these low octane missions contain all the safes. You need the content more in these scenarios than in others. The third safe can be found a bit later in the “Alone” mission when you come to a garage.

You’ll find it by heading into the back room of the garage, though you may need to take out some guards along the way. You can also sneak, but it’s really risky (I got into a firefight here when my cover was destroyed, but I was armed enough at this point to kill them all).

There is a computer in the garage where you will find the combination code for this safe: 37-60-80.

Inside you’ll find another throwing knife and a crossbow, expanding your stealth arsenal even further.

These are all the safes in the game (unless there are more than hidden), although it’s possible we’ll see more safes or other puzzles in future raids that drop in December.

Learn more about the Early Access campaign here. And look for my campaign review here on this blog in the next few days. So far, I’m really enjoying it!

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