June 9, 2023
Overwatch 2 October Patch Notes Bring Back Bastion and Halloween Event

Overwatch 2 October Patch Notes Bring Back Bastion and Halloween Event

As Monitor 2 approaches its first month of life, the game steadily earns its place as the successor to the original Surveillance. The game still has its fair share of hiccups and bugs, which has resulted in the temporary removal of more than one hero from the game. Blizzard aims to fix a series of issues and introduce new content to the game in an upcoming patch. . Here’s everything we know so far about the upcoming October 25 patch Monitor 2.

Bastion and Torbjörn are back

On October 10, less than a week after the release of Monitor 2, Blizzard removed the Bastion hero from the game entirely, and Torbjörn was removed from competitive play. Both had to do with issues with each hero’s specific abilities which significantly broke the game. Bastion’s ultimate allows the hero to fire three artillery shells anywhere on the map, the bug allowed Bastion players to launch as many artillery shells as they want during the ultimate.

However, after a major overhaul, both are set to return fully to Monitor 2 and competitive play with the October 25 patch. Blizzard confirmed this in an official forum post.

A card returns

At the same time as Bastion and Torbjörn were removed from Monitor 2, just like the Junkertown map. First introduced in 2017 at Gamescom for the original SurveillanceJunkertown has become one of the most popular maps in the game.

The map was removed due to a bug that caused “graphics performance issues” according to Blizzard. However, according to the previously mentioned forum post, Blizzard will be reintroducing Junkertown for Monitor 2 in the October 25 update.

Junkenstein’s Revenge…again!

Monitor 2The first themed event is about to begin.Snow storm

With Halloween less than a week away, many live games are fully embracing the holiday spirit with limited-time events. Surveillance is no stranger to holiday events, and Monitor 2 brings back the beloved Junkenstein’s Revenge Halloween event.

Monitor 2The first special event kicks off on October 25 and will give players access to the PVE game mode Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride in addition to the ability to unlock or purchase a plethora of spooky-themed skins and accessories. for your favorite hero. Check out our full guide to this year’s event here.

nerfs and buffs

As a live service team shooter Monitor 2 will be constantly updated to correct any imbalance. With the October 25 update being the game’s first major patch, it’s likely there will be nerfs and buffs to the heroes. Although the official patch notes haven’t been released in full by Blizzard, we do know a few things.

A fix for invincible Zarya is coming.Snow storm

One hotfix that will definitely arrive on October 25 is a targeted Zarya change. Specifically, the hero will receive an update on how she plays in Total Mayhem mode. This mode is exactly what it sounds like: all heroes have double health, abilities cool down faster, and ultimates charge faster. For Zarya, this makes her unkillable. His bubble ability has a shorter cooldown than the ability’s actual duration, meaning there’s not much that can be done to take it down. This will be changed in the October 25 patch.

As for other nerfs and buffs we might see from heroes in competitive play, Blizzard insists there won’t be any. In a blog post, the team announced that no fixes will be made to the game until Season 2, which begins in December. “While some heroes perform better than others and there are differences in player skill levels, we were pleased to see that no hero’s overall power level fell far short of our goals” , we read on the blog.

However, 2 months without major fixes seems like a long time. Leaks suggest that this claim might not be so true, with potential nerfs coming to Genji and Sombra. The Overwatch League will play on a balance patch during its playoffs which begin on October 30. If this patch is implemented in the professional game, it is likely that these changes will also be fixed on all servers with the October 25th update.

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