June 5, 2023

Twitter Status Report: What the hell is going on? | Digg

Well, well, if it’s not the consequences of Elon Musk’s actions.

So much has happened since Musk officially became the owner of the beloved crap posting forum social media platform Twitter. You can read about some of them here:

But what we are discussing today is today’s situation.

Let’s open up the situation by commenting on the general mood of Twitter right now:


Although, even if you don’t want to see Twitter completely destroyed, things are very funny right now. That is, unless you work at Twitter – in which case things are pretty boring.

Twitter employees

Leaving aside the utter chaos of what it’s like trying to keep track of his conflicting demands and ideas for the site, Musk announced this week that no Twitter employee can work from home anymore. they all have to come into the office—an arbitrary and, frankly, insensitive move while we’re still in the midst of a pandemic, and for a company that allowed remote work even before COVID-19. It has left many people wanting to see how it works.

And amid layoffs, layoffs, and decisions to get people out of their jobs rather than have Twitter fire them and pay severance payments, key people are leaving in droves — including Yoel Roth, (former) head of Trust & Safety, who just two days ago hosted a conversation on Twitter Spaces with Musk, trying to reassure advertisers that the platform isn’t about to completely collapse. (Spoiler: it is.)

Twitter’s public statements

Article after article has surfaced this week reporting new and increasingly dire information from Twitter HQ — in other words, when any outlet can actually get a hold of Twitter.

The Verge published an article about the risks Musk is taking with Twitter’s security and its relationship with the Federal Trade Commission, which has already had to keep a close eye on the platform before Musk. At the end of the song was this revealing sentence:

Journalists have also reported some rather strange quotes from the Twitter all-hands meeting, and these are not satire or jokes:

Outside of Twitter

Other than Twitter users around the site screaming, crying and throwing up, publications and businesses are tying themselves in knots trying to figure out how to manage the impact of the Twitter debacle on them. From NPR:

That’s not even touching on the problems that businesses and public figures have with being on Twitter.


By allowing anyone with $8 to spare to buy a blue checkmark, Musk has made it possible for people to create convincing Twitter handles pretending to be a company, politician, or any other significant person or entity.

The results are very, very funny to viewers, if not the entities appearing on those accounts, and have prompted Musk to claim that accounts must now have the word “parody” in their screen name, not just their lives. The appearances also caused the secondary “Official” checkmark to return briefly on Thursday night and ultimately prompted Twitter to block the option to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription.

Say goodbye

In all the mess, many people are waiting for Twitter to either stop vibrating or else for people to leave the site unusable in droves. In light of this, people are saying goodbye and sharing their contacts on Mastodon, Instagram, Tumblr, email, and all sorts of other platforms that can’t replace what Twitter offers, but they have to.

So! Feeling stuck? Really? You can take the quiz if you’re sure (courtesy of Buzzfeed’s Katie Notopoulos):

My result:

Too true. Let’s log out now. Weird weekend.

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