May 29, 2023
North dressed up as Kim and recreated some of her most iconic "KUWTK" moments in a hilarious TikTok

North dressed up as Kim and recreated some of her most iconic “KUWTK” moments in a hilarious TikTok

People often say that kids keep you humble, and there’s no one more dedicated to that role than North West.

It’s no secret that North, 9, the eldest of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, is well aware of her parents’ celebrity status. And with that in mind, she’s certainly not afraid to poke fun at her famous family a little too.

It seems North – the kid who replied “Kanye West is my dad” when asked who his favorite rapper was – has now stumbled upon some of his mother’s most iconic moments, namely those made famous by Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Channeling a mix of her mother’s drama queen energy and her father’s stage presence, North put on a show for her and Kim’s 8.8 million TikTok followers over the weekend. , lip-syncing with a viral mashup of some of his mother’s memorable quotes.

Sporting long blonde locks, a familiar-looking pair of black shades and a makeshift shirt designed from the same yellow Balenciaga body stripe Kim rocked earlier this year, North made her best impression, starting with the line: “Hi, I’m Kim Kardashian West.

We then got a glimpse of her perfected Kim K crying face with a stellar re-enactment of when her mother lost her diamond earring in the ocean.

And she finally closed the performance with her (censored) rendition of one of the most parodied reality TV scenes in history: Kim swinging her purse at Khloé, demanding, “Don’t be rude!”

Of course, if you follow North and Kim’s joint TikTok account, you’ll know that Northie has plenty of practice when it comes to impersonating her mother.

In fact, just a day earlier, North was kind enough to let the Skims founder join in an appearance as the duo lip-synced to another of their most iconic one-liners.

Playing the role of Wendy Williams, Kim helped North piece together an infamous 2009 interview when, after being asked if she had any tattoos, Kim simply replied, “Honey, would you put a sticker on a Bentley ?”

And though she’s best known for making TikToks dance to her dad’s countless hits, North recently reminded us of her mom’s lesser-known music career by lip-synching to her underrated 2011 single, “Jam (Turn It Up)”.

Being one of KarJenner’s oldest grandchildren, it’s no surprise to see North embracing her family’s pop culture heritage and jumping on the latest TikTok trends. However, she took things to a whole new level this weekend when she became Kris Jenner for the night.

In case you missed it, the KarJenner clan and a handful of Kris’ close friends celebrated her 67th birthday on Saturday by dressing up as various iterations of the famous momager — each with a pixie-cut wig, of course.

First we had Khloé, who went for platinum-blonde-Martini-meme Kris, then Kourtney, who donned her best pink tracksuit to recreate Kris’ appearance in the “Thank U Next” music video. ‘Ariana Grande.

Representing the Jenner siblings, Kylie paid homage to one of her mother’s most glamorous ’90s looks, slipping into a sparkly black dress and jewelry, while Kim took inspiration from TikTok, dressing up as a “You’ve Been Krissed” meme.

Not one to miss a good time, North also accompanied Kim wearing a classic Kris ensemble: an all-black suit, black gloves and, of course, a black Birkin bag.

North helpfully documented the prep process in another TikTok, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look as she and Kim donned their black pixie-cut wigs — like mother, like daughter!

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