June 10, 2023
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet didn’t reveal Pokemon for each type before launch

Pokemon scarlet and violetThe impending release of has millions of fans excited to see what Gen 9 games have in store, especially since very little is officially known about them. Most of the information surrounding Gen 9 comes from leaks and rumors, to the point that the whole Pokemon scarlet and violet Pokedex leaked months before launch, including some of the creatures that were featured in trailers further down the line. One example comes from Greavard, the recently announced Ghost-type pup, which was leaked a long time ago alongside another yet-to-be-officially-revealed Pokemon dog species, this time a Dark-type.


Speaking of dark-type pocket monsters in Pokemon scarlet and violet, according to the leaks, it’s the most populated type in all of Gen 9, and that’s because many eleven species out of the 103 leaks have it. And yet, of all the Pokémon revealed for Pokemon scarlet and violet so far, none of them are dark-types, and in fact, of the 20 officially known so far, The Pokemon Company hasn’t even revealed one creature per existing type. While this may be normal to some degree with only 20 creatures shown before launch, it’s a symptom that this reveal cycle has been exceptionally dry, to the point that leaks have become the main source of marketing for Pokemon scarlet and violet.

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What Pokemon Types Are Missing From The Current Scarlet And Violet Roster

As it stands, of the 20 Pokémon revealed before the launch of Gen 9, only 14 of the existing 18 types are represented to some degree, and one of them isn’t even an official type. In fact, Koraidon is said to be a Dragon/Fighting Pokemon, while Miraidon is supposed to be an Electric and Dragon hybrid, but while there are other Electric and Dragon Pokemon listed on the official website, Koraidon is the only Fighting type.

There are several types of fire and electricity that have been revealed so far for Gen 9 games, namely Fuecoco, Armarouge and Ceruledge for the former, and Pawmi and Bellibolt for the latter, not including one of the legendary of the box. There have also been plenty of Normal-type Pokémon in the trailers for Pokemon scarlet and violet so far including Smoliv, Lechonk, Cyclizar, Grafaiai and finally Farigiraf. As such, it seems odd that none of the Gen 9 trailers focus on some of the other missing types, just to provide a more accurate perspective on what to expect from the games.

The Dark, Bug, Flying, and Steel type Pokemon were left completely untouched in the reveals, though it looks like a Steel creature was shown from the first Team Star trailer. This is the alleged Pokemon Steel/Poison engine that the leaks have talked about, and it looks like it can be spotted in Team Star’s flaming bus, above which Mela appears in one of the team’s hideouts. ugly. However, this creature has never been publicly addressed by The Pokemon Company, and only players who have been following the leaks know of its existence.

It’s also worth noting that one of the 20 Pokemon featured in the Paldean Pokedex so far is a regional form rather than an entirely new species. That creature is Wooper, and it’s the only ground type revealed so far, but that’s no coincidence. In fact, based on the leaks, there’s only one completely new floor type in Pokemon scarlet and violet, and it’s a legendary – namely, one of the pocket monsters that make up this generation’s legendary quartet. Overall, The Pokemon Company’s silence is understandable on the one hand, but on the other, it raises questions about what to expect moving forward.

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple out November 18 on Nintendo Switch.

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