May 29, 2023
'Love Is Blind's Raven on Her Hopes of Marrying SK and Bartise's Smokeshow' Comment: 'Throw The Whole Man'

‘Love Is Blind’s Raven on Her Hopes of Marrying SK and Bartise’s Smokeshow’ Comment: ‘Throw The Whole Man’

SPOILER WARNING: This post contains spoilers for the Season 3 reunion episode of “Love Is Blind,” available now on Netflix.

Things didn’t work out when Raven Ross married SK Alagbada in “Love Is Blind” Season 3. Alagbada shocked his fiancee by rejecting her at the altar – a decision recounted by Ross Variety she didn’t see it coming.

While Ross struck up a connection with Bartise Bowden in the pods, she eventually accepted Alagbada’s proposal. The couple faced a few bumps along the way during their journey, largely due to Alagbada’s revelation that he was moving to California for graduate school.

While the wedding left her in tears, Ross still got her happy ending, as she and Alagbada revealed during the season’s reunion episode that they were back together.

In an interview with VarietyRoss talks about his rekindled romance, the public response to his appearance on the show, and the moment Bowden called it a “smokeshow” in front of his fiancée Nancy Rodriguez.

Do you think it was fair that SK signed up for this experiment knowing he was moving to California so soon?

It’s so funny now – looking back, I was just trying to be so open-minded. I knew our connection is so strong, so let’s try to understand and take it day by day. No matter where we are geographically, I don’t want to live without that person. It’s so funny to think back on it after getting to know SK so much better now: it’s totally an SK thing. He just didn’t realize it and thought, “I’m going to be on this show!” Oh yeah, I have a college education too!” Of course, it wasn’t ideal, but it became part of our history. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Tell me about the first conversation you had with SK after the wedding.

After the wedding, he reached out and said, “I’m sorry. Hopefully we can rebuild things and continue with our connection the same way. I was like, “Yeah, you have to apologize, sir!” Fortunately, after a few days, we were mentally in the same place: “OK, I don’t want to lose this person. So how do we move forward?”

Before the wedding, did you have any idea that he would say no?

I knew it could go either way. I just felt very in limbo, because I was so confident. I was really trying to hope for the best. Clearly, I was super emotional. We hadn’t talked about “What are you going to say”, but we had talked about “No matter what happens, I see a life with you. I see us growing. It must always be at the first plan of our minds, no matter what happens that day.”

We learned at the meeting that you were back together. How did your families react to the news?

We visited my family. I’m originally from New Orleans, so we went to New Orleans. My family came to Dallas. We stayed at my place. We have done everything. We visited his family a lot in Austin. We’ve all made those connections, and he feels a lot better about it. My mom really loves him.

Did you think about the possibility of another marriage with SK later?

Yeah. We’ve only talked about it once or twice because neither of us are there to plan a wedding right away. I said it’s not for at least two years. Gotta shake this one first! I have to let everyone forget this one!

And the next one, you will go knowing his answer!

Right? This time I’m going to need it written down, and I need to record him saying it so I know exactly what I’m going to get!

What was your reaction to the scene when Bartise told Nancy he thought you were a smoker?

Oh my God. SK and I watched it together for the first time. We were both like, “What’s going on?” Of course, we had no idea of ​​any of this. I feel so bad for Nancy, because you can tell on her face, she’s like, ‘Is this really happening now? Are we in another universe? It was just crazy to see. Of course, yes, I’m flattered, but can you at least stay by your wife’s side? It’s gnashing your teeth.

Did you and Nancy talk about it beyond what we saw on the show?

Nancy and I talked a lot. I don’t necessarily know that moment, but I’m sure it was hard for her. It was difficult for me to watch. His journey has been so difficult. I let her know I’m here for her. Throw away the whole man. I’m Nancy’s #1 fan.

The women this season really seemed to support each other.

Oh my God, I couldn’t have asked to do this with a better group of women. We are all literally best friends. We do everything together. I’m so glad I got out with my best friends. I wouldn’t trade that for anything in the world.

How did you handle the public reaction to you on the show?

It was really difficult at first, because I had an arc in the series. It started really badly for me! But it was so interesting. I’m already a very community-oriented person – I love connecting with people, especially other women, uplifting each other. I really focused on that positive part and I feel so happy that I can now share the positivity with more people. So I definitely tried to lean on the side of positivity, because the internet is literally crazy. It also helped me be more comfortable sharing myself and making fun of myself. There are all these funny, cringe-worthy me moments on the show. I just like to laugh about it with other people. So it was really fun. I try to see the bright side of things, baby!

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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