May 29, 2023
New Galaxy S22 camera updates let you capture the stars like a pro

New Galaxy S22 camera updates let you capture the stars like a pro

Earlier this year, the Galaxy S22 series introduced the pro-grade smartphone camera with advanced Nightography features. Now this camera is even better. With an updated version of the Expert RAW app and a brand new app called Camera Assistant[1]you will be able to capture professional quality photos.

Capture the galaxy with Astrophoto in Expert RAW

The Expert RAW elevates the already robust night photography capabilities of the S22 with a powerful Astrophoto function. This brand new feature allows astronomers and outdoor enthusiasts to take clear, beautiful photos of constellations and dark sky activity.

Simply activate the sky guide to pinpoint the location of constellations, solar systems, star clusters and nebulae. Your camera will use advanced AI segmentation technology and multi-frame processing based on the movements of a celestial body to take photos over a set period of time. As a result, you’ll capture stunning star shots that look like they were taken with top-notch professional equipment.

If you like to explore your artistic side, you can take advantage of the multiple exposures feature to take multiple images at once, then use the overlay modes to combine them into one remarkable photo. You can also let your creativity run free and experiment with layering multiple images on top of each other to create amazing abstract shots.

To access the beta version of Astrophoto and Multiple Exposures, go to the Special Photo options in the Expert RAW Settings menu.

The Camera Assistant app lets you take photos the way you want

Every avid photographer has their own style of shooting, so it’s essential to have a camera that gives you the reins of creativity. With the new Camera Assistant app, you can choose which automated features you want to use for a completely personalized shooting experience.

You can download the app from the Galaxy Store or the Good Lock app. Once the app is installed, you can launch the feature by clicking the app icon, navigating to the Good Lock app, or accessing the Camera Assistant menu under Camera Settings in your native camera app.

The Camera Assistant app lets you turn certain features on or off, including Auto Lens Switching, Auto HDR, and Faster Shutter. You also have more options when, for example, you select the number of photos you want to take after the self-timer is triggered.

The Camera Assistant application allows you to take advantage of the following key features:[2]

  • Auto HDR: If you want to get atmospheric images without HDR effect, you can now just turn it off.

  • Soften images: You can enable this feature to smooth sharp edges and textures in your photos.

  • Automatic lens change: You can now disable the automatic lens switching function, which automatically switches camera lenses in dark environments or when you get closer to the object you are photographing. For example, if you want to continue using the telephoto lens instead of the wide-angle lens to take a picture of the object closer to you, you can simply turn it off in the menu.
  • Video recording in Photo mode: You can now disable this feature, which allows you to take a video clip with a long press of the button in Photo mode, preventing you from accidentally recording a video.
  • Number of frames after timer: You can already automatically take multiple photos in quick succession after the countdown. Now you can also choose the number of photos taken (1, 3, 5 or 7 photos).

  • Faster shutter: This mode allows you to take up to seven photos in one second. This is very useful for taking pictures of moving objects.
  • Camera timeout: You can select how long the Camera app (preview screen) remains on for 1, 2, 5, or 10 minutes.
  • Sharp preview on HDMI displays: View the camera preview without any menus or buttons on HDMI-connected displays.

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[1] The upgraded Expert RAW and Camera Assistant apps are currently available on the Galaxy S22 series running One UI 5 or later. Time of availability may vary by market, model and network provider.
[2] Some features will be available on certain modes or lenses.

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