March 28, 2023
This recreation is pretty good (Images via TeaserPlay)

YouTuber Makes GTA San Andreas Trailer With Unreal Engine 5

Many GTA fans have remade sections of classic games from the GTA series in Unreal Engine 5 and posted concept trailers on YouTube showing how these GTA games would look with advanced graphics. YouTuber TeaserPlay has always been at the forefront of this trend and has created Unreal Engine 5 trailers for GTA games, such as GTA Vice City, GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas.

The YouTuber recently posted an Unreal Engine 5 remake of one of GTA San Andreas’ most iconic scenes starring CJ and Big Smoke, and the video gained a lot of traction.

Note: This article reflects the subjective opinion of the author and contains spoilers for GTA San Andreas

YouTuber recreates youThe final GTA San Andreas cinematic featuring CJ and Big Smoke in Unreal Engine 5

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In the aforementioned video posted by TeaserPlay, Grand Theft Auto fans can revisit the iconic scene where Big Smoke is shot after betraying GSF, and CJ is right there with him in his final moments, asking him why he chose to sell them.

It’s a truly devastating and emotional cutscene. Big Smoke initially appears to be a loyal and supportive friend to CJ, but players eventually see him die as a man plagued by greed and selfishness.

The original Grand Theft Auto San Andreas scene is already ingrained in the minds of gamers, but this fan recreation with the help of Unreal Engine 5 graphics takes it to a whole new level of intensity.

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When players compare the original death scene with the recreation, they will find many improvements. However, there are also slight changes that make this Unreal Engine 5 scene a bit less efficient.

The most significant change has to be dynamic lighting. This was something that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas was unable to achieve as the technology was not available at the time of the game’s release. Now, with the realistic lighting of Unreal Engine 5, the scene is visually superior and much more cinematic. Another improvement has to be the level of detail in the characters’ facial expressions.

While there’s still a lot to be desired when it comes to their mouth movements and proper audio synchronization, it’s still impressive since players can now see how these two characters felt during the intense exchange.

TeaserPlay was also able to faithfully recreate the setting where the scene takes place, and the stack of CRT televisions and tall windows are still present in the room. Unfortunately, there was one crucial thing missing in this remake.

Differences between the original Big Smoke Death scene and the Unreal Engine 5 remake

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In the original scene, Big Smoke dies in front of a safe holding a stack of money in his left hand, and this visual is not present in the Unreal Engine 5 remake.

It might not seem like a big detail, but the original scene is a good example of visual storytelling, as it clearly communicates the idea that Big Smoke has always prioritized money over his own life. So even in his final moments, he chooses to die with his hands full of cash rather than hold his friend CJ. This glimpse of Big Smoke’s character is done with the visuals alone, making it an iconic scene.

The absence of this small detail can affect the impact of the cinematic, and players who are big fans of the original game will notice the change.

Overall, this Unreal Engine 5 remake is still commendable and gives a glimpse of what Grand Theft Auto San Andreas could look like if it were ever remastered with Unreal Engine 5.

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