May 29, 2023
All the latest on Cole and Zanab from Love Is Blind

All the latest on Cole and Zanab from Love Is Blind

Love is blind Season three spoilers follow.

Cole and Zanab have put together a pretty adorable show so far, but with episodes to come, fans are wondering if – as hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey like to say – they’ve proven that love really is blind. , and are still going strong now.

In the pods, the couple’s connection appeared immediate and undeniable. Their charisma was equal, and Cole and Zanab’s conversation was equal parts humor and “deep” talk. That they agree on the children (they both want a lot children) or religion (they couldn’t be more excited about praying together), the couple have a lot in common and seem completely bewildered.

Cole was thrilled to get down on his knees, and their first IRL meeting was arguably one of the cutest ever on the show.


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But, since their engagement, both Cole and Zanab have said they struggled to match the person in front of them with the voice they fell in love with at the start of the experience.

Cole in particular described feeling drawn to his bride-to-be, while being in love with the person he had imagined during his time in the pods, but feeling disconnected between the two.

Another potential bump in the road comes in the form of another contender Colleen, who had her own connection to Cole in the pods. Since seeing her in person (she got engaged to Matt), Cole has commented on finding her attractive.

In a teaser for upcoming episodes, he told the camera, “Zanab is the girl I connect with emotionally, Colleen is the girl I connect with physically, where’s the in-between?”

On the other hand, in other scenes shown in the trailer, Zanab can be seen pointing out to her fiancé that they had “turned a corner” in their communication style, ending up telling each other that they love each other before sharing a kiss. .

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We have already seen them face off during one of their first evenings together. Zanab became confused when she thought Cole gave her the silent treatment, as he told the camera he only intended to let her sleep.

The pair then had a disagreement when Zanab described their time together as “awesome”, but Cole responded by saying it was “good”.

Fans are hoping that as they learn more about each other, those little disagreements will start to become less of a problem – and the trailer certainly hints at that.

As for concrete answers as to whether or not they made it down the aisle, and what’s happened to them since then, we’re afraid there’s nothing definitive to report during the broadcast. of the show.

Zanab shared one of her “favorite memories” with her Instagram followers, snapping her very first meeting with Cole immediately after their engagement.

In the caption, she also referenced their “love story”, which could be interpreted in different ways, and Cole commented on the post to say that their revelation was also his favorite memory. He also called it “the thrill of my life” – a comment Zanab “loved”.

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In contrast, Cole did not share any photos from the show with Zanab on his own page. However, her story appears to follow hers – while she, at the time of writing, does not appear to follow him back. For those wondering, Cole is also following Colleen on Instagram along with other cast members.

What does all this mean?! For now, we’ll have to keep guessing. But we’ll keep you posted on updates as we can.

Love is blind season 3 is available on Netflix, with more episodes releasing on October 26.

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