March 28, 2023
"Bendy and the Dark Revival" Release Date, Price, Trailer, Story and Gameplay Details

“Bendy and the Dark Revival” Release Date, Price, Trailer, Story and Gameplay Details

Halloween can be finished, but the fear is still in the air. 2022 has been a massive year for horror games with titles like The career and Callisto Protocolbut fans of the genre should keep an eye out for another sleeper hit, Bendy and the Dark Revivala sequel to the cult classic of 2017 Bendy and the Ink Machine.

The sequel features an all-new character and a host of new gameplay additions, with a much greater focus on action gameplay. Sure, Bendy and the Dark Revival still sports the iconic “rubber hose” animation style of the first game, which gives the whole experience a spooky aesthetic. If you need a scary new game to play, here’s everything you need to know about Bendy and the Dark Revival.

When is the Bendy and the Dark Revivalrelease date ?

Although it focuses on a new protagonist, the titular Bendy makes a return. Studio Joey Drew

Bendy and the Dark Revival is out very soon, landing on PC via Steam on November 15, 2022. The title is also slated for Xbox and PlayStation, but the console versions currently don’t have a release date aside from “coming soon”.

What is the price of Bendy and the Dark Revival?

Unlike the first game, Bendy and the Dark Revival will not be released in an episodic format. It’s a full game, which will be released on PC for $29.99. It’s safe to assume pricing for the console will be similar, but publisher Rooster Teeth and developer Joey Drew Studios have yet to confirm this.

Is there a trailer for Bendy and the Dark Revival?

Yes, Bendy and the Dark Revival The most recent release date trailer shows off the game’s incredibly spooky atmosphere and a bit of the story setup. Interestingly, the setting and atmosphere is very much like by BioShock Rapture. It makes sense – the first game was heavily inspired by BioShockwith even some references like a character named F. Fontaine.

What is Bendy and the Dark Revival story?

Audrey will encounter a variety of allies and foes as she explores the ink-filled animation studio.Studio Joey Drew

Bendy and the Dark Revival features an all-new character named Audrey, who appears to be an employee of Joey Drew Studios, much like Henry Stein from the first game. One night, while working late on a deadline, Audrey is drawn into the ink-filled world of Bendy. Audrey herself is covered in ink, suggesting that she might gain some sort of power by becoming a human ink hybrid.

Here’s the official story description via a press release from Joey Drew Studios.

“In this terrifying sequel to Bendy and the Ink Machine, players will assist Audrey as she explores the depths of a curiously creepy animation studio that has gone completely insane. Fight ink-stained enemies and solve puzzles as you try to get back to the real world. It’s still a mystery who or what is going to be around the corner in this ramshackle realm of shadows and ink. Discover the truth. Escape from the workshop. Above all…stay away from the ink demon.

What is Bendy and the Dark Revival gameplay like?

Bendy and the Dark Revival has a host of new features that make it more action-oriented than its predecessor. Studio Joey Drew

Bendy and the Dark Revival seems to focus much more on the action than the first game, although there are still elements of puzzle solving and stealth. The release date trailer shows Audrey using a selection of melee weapons, including a huge pipe. The game will feature a host of environmental puzzles to solve, while avoiding the terrifying Ink Demon.

There’s a slew of different enemies you’ll have to face, as the latest trailer shows enemies sporting giant mascot heads, troublesome enemies dripping with ink, and a mask-wearing enemy wielding a gun at the ready. ‘Ancient. It also looks like Audrey will unlock a variety of different powers to use throughout the game, with the end of the trailer showing some kind of Dishonoredstyle dash movement.

Bendy and the Dark Revival launching November 15, 2022 for PC. An Xbox and PlayStation version will arrive at a later date.

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