June 10, 2023
Haas F1 team protest Red Bull at FIA in Austin |  the judge13

Haas F1 team protest Red Bull at FIA in Austin | the judge13

Throughout the history of Formula One, competitors have regularly attempted to gain an advantage by appealing to the sport’s governing body for violations committed by their competitors. Ferrari protested McLaren in 2008 for spying on his private documents, and the British team was subsequently fined $100 million.

Today Haas F1 protested the race results of Alpine’s Sergio Perez and Fernando Alonso as they argue both drivers should have been given a black and orange flag for damage to their cars which race officials should have forced both teams to call their drivers to bring repair to the pits.

Haas knows about unfair treatment

Qualifying was immediately halted as Massa was taken to the track’s medical center and stabilized before being flown to hospital where he successfully underwent emergency surgery.

The hospital released a statement last night saying Massa’s condition was serious but stable, adding that surgeons expect he will be woken up this morning after being sedated on a ventilator overnight.

Haas is upset with F1’s race officials and the FIA’s race stewards for being awarded the “meatball” flag three times this season in Canada, Hungary and Singapore.

Lando Norris lost his entire left wheel cover when he passed the Alonso/Stroll crash, but McLaren didn’t have to bring their car in and fix the bodywork issues.Paul Monaghan and Jonathan Wheatley from

Jonathan Wheatley and Paul Monaghan have been called to the F1 stewards’ office to answer their questions after the checkered flag.

Christian Horner announced after the checkered flag that they had communicated with the FIA ​​during the race to demonstrate that damage to Perez’s car was indeed certain.

“The piece of the end plate has come loose. At this point the wing was structurally safe. We worked with the [FIA] technical delegate to show him that it was structurally sound and they were happy with that.”

FIA inconsistency an issue for 2022

Throughout this season, the FIA ​​​​was repeatedly criticized for a lack of consistency in race management and stewarding consistency.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that the FIA ​​decided to sack 2 F1 race officials to replace Michael Massi, both interpreting similar circumstances in different ways.

Since the uproar over F1 race officials’ decisions at this year’s Japanese GP to use a recovery tractor while the Formula 1 cars were live on track, the FIA ​​has relieved Eduardo Freitas of his duties as race official.

For the remaining 3 races, Neils Wittich will take control of F1 track management to help the FIA ​​make more consistent decisions.

The Haas protest is likely to fall by the wayside, but will increase pressure on FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem to again appoint just one FIA ​​race director for 2023.

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