March 20, 2023
Emily Ratajkowski feels 'pulled in many directions' as new single mom: 'If I want to make money, I have to take jobs'

Emily Ratajkowski feels ‘pulled in many directions’ as new single mom: ‘If I want to make money, I have to take jobs’

Emily Ratajkowski talks about her life as a young single mother. (Photo by Kristy Sparrow/Getty Images)

No one can accuse Emily Ratajkowski of holding back.

The supermodel mother, 31, recently explained that she felt her beauty kept her from being “taken seriously” as a writer.

“I would cover up or don’t wear makeup, because I want the writers to think of me as someone who doesn’t care about those things,” said the My body the author said Elle UK. “God, women can’t win. I run into that every day. Even my mom: working in academia as a beautiful woman, that was something she talked about a lot, how she wanted to be perceived in the world.”

These days, however, she’s done trying to make other people happy.

“Right now, I’m in a place where I don’t care!” she explained. “I’ll wear whatever I want, as much makeup as I want, and I’ll feel good, which sometimes means being sexy and sometimes not. I can feel how uncomfortable that makes people.”

In October, Ratajkowski shared on TikTok that she was ready to enter her “b**** era.”

“I really mean it,” she said Elle UK. “We should all be in our b**** era. I’m so tired of adjusting. Maybe it’s from COVID, being 31, or being recently single… We’ll see. Maybe -maybe I’ll regret it.”

Ratajkowski is mother to 1-year-old Sylvester Apollo Bear, whom she shares with ex Sebastian Bear-McClard. Since giving birth, the model has been open and honest about her approach to parenthood as an “independent” single mother.

“I feel like I should always choose it over whatever I do, but if I want to make money, I have to take jobs,” she said. “Especially now, as a single mother, where I’m the breadwinner. But I feel pulled in so many directions. You sacrifice your identity so much when you become a mother. And I feel like my life doesn’t like how people describe their teenage years, where you’re like, “God, that was awkward and painful.” And even though I’ve done things I love, I’m also like, “At goodbye!” Now, for the first time, I’m enjoying the world more. And yet, I now have this incredible responsibility of raising a child.”

Ratajkowski’s level of independence has also inspired his parenting style.

“I want [my son] having an example of a happy mom, who serves a selfish gimmick, but actually a happy parent is a better parent,” she said. “These are not questions that men ask the same way. They go to work, and it is work. There’s so much expectation around the kind of mums we are.”

Besides motherhood, Ratajkowski finds joy in other areas, especially when it comes to reclaiming her own body.

“I think a lot of women in their early twenties — because it’s kind of like you’re being sexualized and you’re coming into your sexual being, you’re an adult, you know, but you’re still very young — having a really sick relationship with your body during that time,” she recently told Yahoo Life. “Mine was especially like that because I was commodifying my body and it was my life and also, how famous, and it became my career and my whole identity.”

This level of attention, she said, kept her from really knowing herself.

“I didn’t just want to be a body, I never had it. And [My Body] was really, I think, just sort of born out of depression, basically. And being like, ‘Wait, that didn’t make me happy,’ she said. And that was super important.”

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