June 5, 2023

Tech Week 2023: 2 new bags and 1 magnetic taillight – Pinkbike

Camelbak MULE 5 waist pack

Camelbak says that MULE stands for “medium to very long endeavours”, and their new waist pack (or do you call it a rear pack?) is the latest to fall into that category. It comes with a 1.5L bladder and hose that stays in place magnetically, or you can remove the bladder and carry the bottle on either side in pockets with straps to keep them from coming out. You also have 3.5 liters of luggage space (up to 5 liters, hence the name) from separate pockets on either side of the waist strap and a split main compartment.

Mule 5 Details
• 3.5 liter trunk, divided tool pockets
• 1.5 liter bladder
• Magnetic hose control
• Two bottle sleeves
• MSRP: $90
• More information: www.camelbak.com

If you have too much stuff to fit it all, the adjustable bungee on top of the bag is a good place to carry a jacket or knee pads, and it also adds a few reflective details to keep you visible on the road. . The $90 Mule 5 can be had in black, gray, or navy blue and orange.

Evoc Trail Pro 16 backpack

If you want to carry a lot more stuff with you and protect yourself a bit, Evoc’s new Trail Pro 16 offers you 16 liters of storage while also having an integrated Liteshield PLUS back protector. According to the German bag brand, the Trail Pro 16 is quite light (no weight included), but you can shed even more weight by easily removing the EN 1621-2, level 2 back plate if you don’t feel like you need it during the day. ride.

If you leave it in, know that Evoc claims it “absorbs 95% of crash energy.” Better yet, they’ll even replace it for free if it gets damaged, saving your back.

Trail Pro 16 information
• 16L storage space
• Liteshield PLUS (level 2) back protection
• Fits a 3 liter bladder (not included)
• Separate zippered pockets on the waistband
• Shared main storage
• Integrated rain cover, helmet holder
• Colors: grey, olive/grey, lavender
• Sizing: SM, LXL
• MSRP: $260 USD
• More information: www.evocsports.com

The $260 USD Trail Pro 16 doesn’t come with the Evoc’s bladder, but it can hold 3 liters of fluid if you add your own. This is a big enough bag to use for serious rides, so it’s good that Evoc has also equipped it with useful features for ill-planned adventures. Facing a huge gate to the goods? You can put the helmet bag in the mesh holder so you don’t have to use it when walking straight up the mountainside. Caught in the rain? Pull the rain cover over the bag to keep your giant bread pretzel dry. Does a friend need to borrow your multi-tool again? The tool pockets on the waist belt can be opened and closed on the go with one hand, so you can just throw it on his head and keep rolling.

Lupine C14 Mag tail light

Sometimes you have to drive through the city and traffic to get to the trails, and you know who always wins in a collision? Unfortunately, cars, which is why it’s always better to think defensively and preemptively than “It’ll never happen to me!”

Lupine offers a range of insanely bright headlights, but pictured here is their pint-sized C14 Mag taillight, an 87g unit that produces 45 lumens and integrates a brake light and brightness sensor.

C14 Mag data
• Power: 45 lumens
• Magnetic attachment
• Aluminum housing, mounting
• Magnetic USB charging cable
• Usage time: 22 hours
• Charging time: 3 hours
• Weight 87 grams
• Recommended price: €125.00
• More information: www.lupine.de

This is not a disposable plastic taillight; The C14’s frame is CNC-milled aluminum, just like the seat-rail mount, and the two snap together thanks to the inexplicable mystery of magnets. This means that instead of fiddling with tiny screws, a nifty rubber band, or a plastic clip that breaks after a month thanks to your sausage fingers, all you have to do is hold it against the mount and it snaps into place.

Lupine says the integrated battery lasts 22 hours on a full charge, which takes 3 hours to access via the included magnetic USB charging cable. Priced at €125.00, think of the C14 Mag as an eternal tail light compared to cheaper plastic lights that eventually bite the dust.

Tech Week 2023 offers an opportunity to explore the latest mountain bike components, clothing and accessories. Click here to see all related content.

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