March 20, 2023
Bayonetta 3 walkthrough on how to collect all the Broken Witch Hearts (Image via Platinum Games)

Bayonetta 3: All Broken Witch Heart Locations Guide

Nintendo’s exclusive action-adventure title Bayonetta 3 has plenty of collectibles spread across its 14 chapters, including a few Broken Witch Hearts. An item similar to the Broken Moon Pearl can be collected to boost Bayonetta 3 health.

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Bayonetta and Viola are characters who can use Broken Witch Hearts throughout the chapters. According to chapters, this feature lists the location of Broken Witch Hearts in Bayonetta 3.

Navigate these areas and get all the broken witch hearts in Bayonetta 3

The Broken Witch Heart (red blob) in Bayonetta 3 (Image via Platinum Games)

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Chapter 5: Burning Pursuit

The Hot Pursuit chapter only has two hearts to collect.

  • All you have to do is win Verse 7 of this chapter, in which enemies regenerate for a limited time. Go through them once more to get the first one as a reward.
  • After completing Verse 8, players will come across a Box of Figures. Turn around to see a platform going up and down. Smash the platform to get the second one.

Chapter 6: Off the Rails

This chapter also features a few witch hearts.

  • Smash Treasure Chest 5 in Chapter 6 to unlock a time challenge. Collect all the fragmented coins from the treasure chest within the time limit to get the first one as a reward.
  • Look below at the Verse 5 challenge portal. You will come across a set of treasure chests. Smash the first one to get an Infernal Demon. Use the Infernal Demon to open the Mobile Chest to get the second Witch Heart.

Chapter 7: Burning Sands

  • From the start of the chapter, move to the right, along the main path to the moving platform. The moving platform leads to a chest. Climb onto the moving platform and open the chest to collect the first one.
  • The second is in the same building where all the other collectibles are after you complete the fight in verse 7. Look for the building supported by two pillars with red items at the entrance. Proceed through the building to find a chest. Open the chest to retrieve it.

Chapter 8: A croaking choir

This chapter has three hearts.

  • Move to the area where Verse 1 took place and head to the upper level to find a chest. Break it to get a magic source. This will allow the player’s demon to attack and open the chest hovering above the sand with a broken witch’s heart.
  • Go to the temple where the Umbran cat is. There will be a chest containing a broken witch heart in the temple room which must be opened using the attack of the infernal demon.
  • Complete Verse 6 to get another Broken Witch Heart as a reward.

Chapter 9: Learning to Fly

This chapter only contains two broken witch hearts.

  • Complete the Verse 3 battle challenge to get the first one as a reward.
  • Complete the Verse 8 battle challenge to get the second one.

Chapter 10: Blanket of Night

This chapter contains three broken witch hearts.

  • Move along the bridge from the top of the tower to find a summoning barrier. There will be a small turret nearby. Go behind the turret to find a door. Unlock the door to find a chest inside. Open the chest to get the first one.
  • Enter the moving platform in front of you to activate a time trial puzzle. Complete the puzzle challenge to get another reward.
  • Reach the Verse 7 battle challenge portal to find the last one in the area.

Chapter 11: A Familiar Dance

This chapter has a broken witch heart.

Head to the Gates of Hell portal then head to the other side of the portal. Use the floating platform to find three floating chests. Open the first chest to get a magic source. Use the magic spring to open the other chests floating inside. Players will receive it after opening the third chest.

Chapter 12: On the Edge of Madness

This chapter also only has one to collect. Get it by completing verse 5 after going through the gates of hell. This is the last Broken Witch Heart collected in Bayonetta 3.

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