March 28, 2023
Apple's Wave of Software Updates Includes iPad OS 16 and MacOS Ventura

Apple’s Wave of Software Updates Includes iPad OS 16 and MacOS Ventura

The updates bring new additions to iPad and Mac, such as Stage Manager functionality, while PayPal offers passkey support for iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Apple has released a batch of software updates, rolling out iOS 16.1, iPad OS 16.1 and macOS 13 (Ventura) along with a range of new features for its products.

iPhone users already got a taste of iOS 16 when it was released in September, when Apple unveiled the iPhone 14 and new smartwatches. iPad and Mac updates are more important.

iPad OS 16.1

The iPad OS update brought new tools to the Mail app, such as reminders to return to a message at a later date, automatic suggestions to follow up on emails, and automatic alerts when a user forgot to include a recipient or an attachment in an email.

It also features the iCloud Shared Photo Library, where up to six people can help build a collection of memories.

Apple said the feature allows users to easily share all of their existing photos from their personal libraries, share them based on a start date or specific people in their photos. Each user who is on the same shared photo library can add, delete, modify or favorite their shared photos and videos.

The Messages app has also received new collaboration features. When users send an invitation to collaborate through this app, all feed members are automatically added to the document, spreadsheet, or project. Any changes a user makes to a shared document appear at the top of the feed.

Users can also invite others to SharePlay on Messages to enjoy shared activity in sync while chatting on the app. Apple said examples of shared activities include movies, TV shows, workouts, and games.

macOS is coming

The latest Mac OS update also brings changes to the Mail app. Users will now be able to schedule messages, cancel the delivery of a message before it reaches an inbox, and add “rich links” for better previews of content.

Apple said cutting-edge new techniques have made the app easier to find, helping users find recent emails, contacts, documents and photos. Apple said the software is also better at predicting what the user is looking for “before they even start typing.”

MacOS Ventura also received the Continuity Camera feature. This allows users to connect their iPhone to be used as a webcam for their Mac.

Like the iPad update, MacOS Ventura also brings updates to the Messages app and introduces the Shared Photo Library.


One of the new features for iPad and Mac is Stage Manager, which is designed to automatically organize apps and windows to help users see everything at a glance while focusing on single tasks.

When this feature is enabled, Apple said the current window a user is working in is displayed in the center, while other windows appear on the left so that they are easily accessible.

However, there are reportedly issues with Stage Manager on the iPad, with a lot of confusing behaviors and bugs. The Verge reports that the iPad Stage Manager is just “another app switcher”, with apps crashing when resized and multiple windows resize when only one is changed.

PayPal password support

Meanwhile, online payment services company PayPal has announced that it now supports passkeys, with the feature first available to iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Passkeys are a new way for users to log in, designed to replace passwords. PayPal said these passkeys use “cryptographic key pairs,” which provide an easy and secure way to log in because the technology is phishing-resistant.

PayPal said it will expand security key support to other platforms in the future, once those platforms add security key support.

These security keys were developed by the FIDO Alliance and the World Wide Web Consortium. In May, Apple, Google and Microsoft pledged to drop passwords on their products.

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