March 20, 2023
Nahida Ascension Materials Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact: Nahida Ascension And Talent Materials

Nahida was the fourth Dendro character added to Genshin Impact if the Traveler is included in this count. Like the Traveler, she carries no Vision. It’s because she doesn’t need it – Nahida is the vessel of Archon Dendro, the little lord Kusanali. In this form, she wields Dendro’s power alongside a Catalyst, making her the first Dendro Catalyst user in the game.

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As an Archon, Nahida is extremely competent as a unit in the game. Anyone hoping to make the most of her potential should raise her and improve her talents. Doing all of this will require Mora and the items listed in this guide.

Leveling materials

Archon or other, each character of Genshin Impact requires the same amount of EXP to reach level 90, shown in the table here:

Level EXP More
1-20 120 175 24,200
20-40 578,325 115,800
40-50 579 100 116,000
50-60 854 125 171,000
60-70 1,195,925 239,200
70-80 1,611,875 322,400
80-90 (max) 3,423,125 684,800
Totals: 8,362,650 EXP 1,673,400 Moras

Nahida’s Ascension Items

Even though she doesn’t have Dendro Vision, Nahida still uses Dendro’s elemental gem, Nagadus Emerald, to ascend. In addition to these gems, she will need the following materials in this table:

Level Gems enemy drops Boss Drops Speciality More
20 1x Nagadus Emerald Ribbon 3x fungal spores 3x Kalpalata Lotus 20,000
40 3x Nagadus Emerald Fragment 15x fungal spores 2x Creeper 10x Kalpalata Lotus 40,000
50 6x Nagadus Emerald Shard 12x Luminescent Pollen 4x Creeper 20x Kalpalata Lotus 60,000
60 3x Nailed Emerald Piece 18x Glowing Pollen 8x Creeper 30x Kalpalata Lotus 80,000
70 6x Nailed Emerald Piece 12x crystal cyst dust 12x Creeper 45x Kalpalata Lotus 100,000
80 6x Emerald Gem of Nagadus 24x Crystalline Cyst Dust 20x Creeper 60x Kalpalata Lotus 120,000
  • 1x Emerald Ribbon
  • 9x Emerald Shard
  • 9x Emerald Piece
  • 6x emerald gem
  • 18x fungal spores
  • 30x Glowing Pollen
  • 36x Crystalline Cyst Dust
46 168 420,000

Gemstones – Where to find the Emerald of Nagadus

This green gem can be found in many of the same places as the other elemental gems – daily commissions, the parametric transformer, etc. However, much of it will come from defeating bosses. These bosses can drop Nagadus Emerald when defeated:

  • Dendro hypostasis
  • Jade Feather Mushroom of Terror

For more specific ways to get Nagadus Emerald, check out our guide here:

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Enemy Drop – Where To Find Mushroom Materials

These sentient little mushrooms that populate Sumeru (and certain sections of the chasm) drop the materials Nahida needs for his ascension. At higher levels, these fungi can deposit different materials:

  • Any Tier: Fungal Spores
  • Level 40 and up: Luminescent Pollen
  • Level 60 and up: Crystalline Cyst Dust

If these enemies are exposed to Pyro or Electro, their material drops will change and will not be usable for Nahida’s ascension. Be sure to prevent these items from coming into contact with these enemies if you plan to mount Nahida. Hydro, Anemo, Cryo, Geo, and Dendro are all usable against Mushrooms without changing their drops, but watch out for environmental hazards that afflict enemies with Pyro or Electro, including other mobs/enemies.

Boss Drop – How to get a Quelled Creeper

Dendro’s Hypostasis was the last hypostasis added, one representing each element. This one was featured alongside Nahida herself.

Once defeated, Dendro’s Hypostasis will grant rewards to travelers who pay the cost of the original resin. One of those rewards is a boss drop unique to Dendro Hypostasis, called Quelled Creeper. Nahida will need it to go up.

Local Specialty – Where to find Kalpalata Lotus

A few different plants dot the landscape of Sumeru, classified as regional specialties. These are used to mount Sumeru characters, and Nahida is no different.

The regional specialty used in the ascent of Nahida is the Kalpalata Lotus. These small flowers grow on the sides of cliffs and can be quite a pain to pick. They grow around the forested parts of Sumeru, with a few clusters spawning west of Sumeru Town, south of Vimara Village, and just west of the chasm.

In a pinch, they can also be purchased. Aramani, an Aranara found in Vanarana’s dream version, will sell five for 1,000 Mora each. This adorable creature restocks every three days.

Nahida Talent Materials

Upgrading Nahida’s talents will require a few items, listed here:

Level Books Common drops Punching mat insight crown More
1-2 3x Ingenuity Lessons 6x fungal spores 12,500
2-3 2x Ingenuity Guide 3x Glowing Pollen 17,500
3-4 4x Ingenuity Guide 4x Luminescent Pollen 25,000
4-5 6x Ingenuity Guide 6x Luminescent Pollen 30,000
5-6 9x Ingenuity Guide 9x Glowing Pollen 37,500
6-7 4x Philosophies of Ingenuity 4x crystal cyst dust 1x puppet strings 120,000
7-8 6x Philosophies of Ingenuity 6x Crystalline Cyst Dust 1x puppet strings 260,000
8-9 12x Philosophies of Ingenuity 9x Crystalline Cyst Dust 2 string puppets 450,000
9-10 (max) 16x Philosophies of Ingenuity 12x crystal cyst dust 2 string puppets 1x Crown of Insight 700,000
  • 3x Teachings
  • 21x guides
  • 38x Philosophies
  • 6x fungal spores
  • 22x Glowing Pollen
  • 31x Crystalline Cyst Dust
6 1 1,652,500
Totals x3:
  • 9x Teachings
  • Guide 63x
  • 114x Philosophies
  • 18x fungal spores
  • 66x Glowing Pollen
  • 93x Crystalline Cyst Dust
18 3 4,957,500

Talent Books – Ingenuity

There are three sets of talent books in Sumeru based on the three virtues of Akademiya. The series used by Nahida is that of the Ingenuity books.

This particular set of Talent Books can be obtained by clearing the Bell Tower of Ignorance Estate on Tuesday, Friday, or Sunday.

Trounce Materials – Puppet strings

It’s easy to see why many might revel in defeating Scaramouche’s deity form, Shouki no Kami, the Prodigal, if they love Nahida. This form was built to essentially replace her as a god with the evil Akademiya.

Therefore, having to defeat this boss repeatedly in order to power up Nahida will likely be quite satisfying. His talents require dropping Puppet Strings, which comes from defeating this weekly boss.

Genshin Impact is available on PC, PS4, PS5, and mobile devices, with a Nintendo Switch version in development.

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