May 29, 2023
Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced Alongside Star Wars JJ Abrams Game

Silent Hill 2 Remake Announced Alongside Star Wars JJ Abrams Game

silent Hill returns in a big way after a decade of no new entries and the whole PT/Silent Hills debacle. We’re not just getting one new game, we’re not getting two – we’re getting four.

First announced at the Silent Hill transmission the livestream was the Silent Hill 2 remake we all knew was coming. Layers of fear and The way Bloober Team studio is developing this retelling of James Sunderland’s twisted history for PlayStation 5 and PC.


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The original version is considered one of the best games of all time, with emotionally devastating plot twists, the iconic Pyramid Head, and a secret alternate joke ending involving a Shiba Inu that is never funny. The fan base will definitely be waiting anxiously to see if the remake holds up.

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The other three projects are all new and all seem to be trying new things.

Silent Hill: Climb comes from JJ Abrams’ company Bad Robot and Genvid, and appears to be some sort of interactive streaming series focused on community picks. Silent Hill: Fall of the City revealed very little in its announcement, but with developer No Code behind it, the series could delve into the psychological aspect more than ever.

Finally, we had the announcement of Silent Hill F. Showing us a woman who transforms into a fungus-covered corpse, this entry is set in 1960s Japan and has acclaimed writer Ryūkishi07 behind it. Does that mean it will be a visual horror like his other titles? It is too early to tell.

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Beyond that, a third live-action movie titled Back to Silent Hill was announced, with the return of the original film’s director Christophe Gans.

With Konami finally making new silent Hill games, it will be very interesting to see if the rumors about new metal gear and Castlevania the games also turn out to be true.

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