March 27, 2023
Bayonetta 3 Chapter 3 A Sinking Feeling cover

Bayonetta 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough: A Sense of Sinking

A Sinking Feeling is the third chapter of Bayonetta 3 where Bayonetta is still in the ruined city of Tokyo, following the trail of the Iridescent to find answers. She will eventually meet an old acquaintance and a version of herself from a different reality.

In this guide, we’ll go over Chapter 3: A Sense of Sinking, listing all the collectibles as well as Enchantments that can be acquired in the chapter.

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Chapter 3 – A Sining Feeling Objectives and Collectibles:

  • Starting area
    • Box of Figures #1
    • Moon Pearl Fragment #1
    • Umbran Tears of Blood – Raven
  • Verse 1
    • Box of Figures #2
    • Umbran Tears of Blood – Toad
  • Tokyo: Taito
    • Bewitchment #1
    • Memory Echoes #1
  • Verse #2
  • Verse #3
    • Deck of cards #1
    • Recording #1
    • Umbran Tears of Blood – Cat
    • Runner #1
    • Witch’s Heart Fragment #2
  • Verse #4 / Witch’s Heart Fragment #3
  • Verse #5
    • Memory Echoes #2
    • Box of Figures #3
    • Witch’s Heart Fragment #4
    • Deck of cards #2
  • Verse #6
    • Bewitchment #2
    • Bewitchment #3
    • Box of Figures #4
  • Verse #7

Starting area

Chapter 3 begins in another ruined part of Tokyo, within Taito. The area should be explored first as there are plenty of collectibles to find.

Box of Figures #1

Where you start from, drop down to the platform below and turn left. Take the lower right path that twists to the left to find the figure box. It’s best to get it first, because the platform it’s connected to will collapse when you step over it.

Moon Pearl Fragment #1

Keep going up the highway and turn left to see a treasure cube. Opening it will give you a Moon Pearl Fragment. This cube is moving away from the building it is on, so try to open it because it is above the roof.

Umbran Tears of Blood – Raven

Back at the end of the highway, head down the path to the right this time and head uphill to the right. You will then see the crow perched on top of the building. His flight path will head for the sign at the end of the highway, so as soon as you surprise him, head to the right to intercept him.

Verse 1

Back near the end of the highway, look right and you’ll see a golden cube sitting on a roof below. Hitting it will spawn platforms. Follow the platforms until you reach a subway train, then follow the train inside to make your first encounter. Eliminate the enemies to continue.

Box of Figures #2

After completing the encounter, head inside the wagon to find the figure box.

Umbran Tears of Blood – Toad

Get out of the wagon and climb on it towards the hole in the wall. You will then see the toad on the right side.

Tokyo: Taito

Go back to the point where you climbed to get the crow, but turn left to reach the shrine arch.

Bewitchment #1

Head to the big lantern under the arch and attack it to get the hidden halos and unlock the Collect the Halos hidden in the giant lantern bewitchment.

Memory Echoes #1

From the arch of the sanctuary, take the path to the left and continue to the end until you reach the Echoes of Memory: A Classical Melody.

Verse #2

Returning to the Shrine Arch, head to the roof of the building to the left of the arch. This challenge requires you to accumulate 5,000 combo points before the time limit. Putting a dot on the Bats Within skill that helps sustain the combo after being hit once, making it easier to maintain a high combo multiplier. After completing the challenge, you will be rewarded with a fragment of Moon Pearl.

Verse #3

After the short cutscene with Luka, you’ll have to fight a Fractus. You will also gain the Wink Slave and Assault Slave abilities which allow you to add a summon attack or block at the end of your combo. Eliminate the enemies to continue.

Deck of cards #1

After the fight, head to the back of the store rows on the right to find the card packs.

Recording #1

Head to the rows of shops on the left and look for an alley in the middle of them where you’ll find the disc.

Umbran Tears of Blood – Cat

Go up to the next section, then check around the back of the rows of shops on the left where you’ll see the cat. It will cross the gaps between stores, so try to catch up with it as it heads to the next space. Use the Demon Pulse to be able to dash into it.

Runner #1

Still on the left side, check the roof of the shrine further and you’ll see a scurrier carrying Witch’s Heart Fragment #1.

Witch’s Heart Fragment #2

Near the shrine where you were, drop down and you’ll find a treasure cube. Hitting him will turn him into a monster. Keep attacking it to turn it into a chest. Open it to get Witch Heart Fragment #2.

Verse #4 / Witch’s Heart Fragment #3

Head to the opposite side and behind the two buildings to find the challenge portal. For this challenge, all you have to do is survive until the timer runs out. The arena itself presents an environmental hazard in the form of strong gusts of wind that push you towards the edge of the arena. Enemies will have laser attacks that you can dodge at the last minute. They can also aim high for a lob attack that deals damage in a small area. After surviving until the time runs out, you will be rewarded with Witch Heart Fragment #3.

Verse #5

Go through the large archway to get to the next encounter. You will fight another giant homunculus. Send your summon to quickly defeat the enemy and clear the verse.

Memory Echoes #2

Go to the right side of the arena to find a Congestus. Avoid its mines when you approach it, then knock it down. Once it’s down, use it to go back in time and rebuild a bridge in the middle of the arena. Similar to the previous Congestus puzzle, you only need to build the bridge halfway until you create a staircase with the debris.

Once done, jump into the water and go straight to the Echoes of Memory then quickly exit before the timer expires. You will get the Memory Echoes: Remnants of Memory.

Box of Figures #3

From the arena, go to the far left corner to find the figure box.

Witch’s Heart Fragment #4

Proceed to the next far area of ​​the arena and look for the treasure cube in front of the cafe to get Witch Heart Fragment #4.

Deck of cards #2

Go further and you’ll find the deck of cards behind the tents near Rodin’s portal.

Verse #6

You will see alt Bayonetta which our Bayonetta briefly saw in a vision. You can then control her as she swings from roof to roof and crosses subways while dodging trains.

Bewitchment #2

As you roam rooftops and buildings, you have the chance to defeat homunculi. Defeat at least three to unlock the Defeat 3 Homunculi while chasing Iridescent bewitchment.

Bewitchment #3

While crossing the subway, dodge all the incoming trains to get the Dodge all oncoming train cars bewitchment.

Box of Figures #4

Pay attention when you see the stone torii gates with a gold statue in the upper right corner and you will see the figure box at the top of the long roof on the right.

Verse #7

For the first phase, you will fight against the brain of the Iridescent, but it will be guarded by many smaller homunculi. Try to attack the mastermind while avoiding the red enemies heading towards your location; using Witch Time right before they strike is effective.

Eventually, you’ll need to deal with the snakeheads that are at three corners of the arena before you can continue attacking the mastermind. Pay attention to his spike attacks when he follows you.

For the second phase, you will go inside the Iridescent to fight its core. He has many attacks which include a slime that covers almost the entire arena. You will also have the option to do a Demon Masquerade attack which can deal a ton of damage. He has another attack where he tries to spit you out. Return to your Masquerade form and stay on the surface to avoid getting blown up. Once you manage to break Iridescent, you will also get the Break the Iridescent Core once bewitchment.

After performing a gigaton finisher, a short cutscene will show alt Bayonetta getting captured and killed, but not before she throws her weapon, the Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo, which our Bayonetta catches.

Verse #8

The next fight will be between Sin Gomorrah and Arch-Iridescent. It’s more of a methodical game of rock, paper, scissors, so it’s important to know what the opponent’s action is saying to counter it correctly.

Basically, Slam beats Bite, Bite beats Block, and Block beats Slam. Their tells are:

  • Slam – either he faces left (towards the camera) for a tail whip, or he wraps his right arm (unseen from the camera).
  • Block – he puts his arms in front of his face.
  • Bite – he strikes a pose as if about to lunge at you.

Sin Gomorrah also has a fireball attack he can use. Shoot the enemy at least three times to unlock the Hit Arch-Iridescent with the Flame of Sin Gomorrah 3 times bewitchment.

Once Arch-Iridescent’s health is nearly depleted, you can then do a gigaton finisher to finish him off. The chapter then ends showing Bayonetta returning to the portal while Luka watches her.

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