March 23, 2023
Quentin Tarantino denies claims you made up 'Django Unchained': 'It didn't happen'

Quentin Tarantino denies claims you made up ‘Django Unchained’: ‘It didn’t happen’

Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino has denied the rapper, designer and rumor mill’s claim that 2024 presidential candidate Ye came up with the idea for Tarantino’s hit 2012 film Django Unchained.

Ye has made numerous claims and accusations lately as the self-proclaimed genius finds himself mired in a scandal facing accusations of anti-Blackness, misogynoir and anti-Semitism as several companies cut ties with him.

You claimed that Tarantino stole the plot of Django– the story of a black slave who trains with a German bounty hunter with the ultimate goal of finding his long-lost wife – from the music video for his song “Gold Digger”.

Ye said he pitched the idea to Tarantino and actor Jamie Foxx – who eventually appeared in the “Gold Digger” video – before Tarantino decided to turn the concept into a movie starring Foxx.

But Tarantino told talk show host Jimmy Kimmel Ye he was wrong because the writer and director thought of doing Django for a while before Ye pitched his idea.

You can hear what Tarantino said in the video below.

Tarantino said:

“There’s no truth to the idea that Kanye West came up with the idea for ‘Django.’ He had an idea for a video and I think it was for the ‘Gold Digger’ video.”

“He would be a slave and it was all about the slave story, where he’s a slave and he sings ‘Gold Digger’ and it was very funny.”

“It was a very, very funny idea.”

Tarantino added that he had the idea of Django Unchained— a highly stylized and heavily revisionist homage to spaghetti westerns, particularly Sergio Corbucci’s 1966 Italian film Django — “for a while, before I even met [Ye].”

He noted that Ye at one point wanted to make “a giant film version” of his debut album. University dropout and had tried to woo “great directors” to make movies for every song.

Many weren’t surprised by Tarantino’s remarks and attributed Ye’s claims to his increasingly erratic behavior.

Ye received backlash after White Lives Matter shirts, including those worn by Ye and Candace Owens, were unveiled at his YZY Paris Fashion Week show. As a result, Ye launched several misogynistic and anti-Semitic rants and was accused of anti-Blackness by community activists.

Instagram locked Ye out of her account after she posted an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory in screenshots of text messages with Sean “Diddy” Combs.

In response, Ye returned to Twitter after a long hiatus to accuse Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg of personally locking him out of his account after Instagram announced it had locked him for posts that violated its policies. Ye also tweeted that he would go “death con 3 ON JEW”, sparking media attention and further accusations of anti-Semitism.

He returned to Instagram last week shortly after being escorted out of Sketchers headquarters to announce he had lost $2 billion in one day.

Earlier, Adidas announced that it was ending his $1.5 billion deal with Ye. Additionally, TJX Companies, which owns department stores and TJ Maxx, and Gap said they will no longer sell Ye’s clothes.

The losses were large enough that Forbesreported that Ye was knocked down Forbes‘ list of billionaires.

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