June 5, 2023

Tesla prepares to offer new Model Y trim with 4680 cell for 2023

Tesla is getting ready to offer a new Model Y trim for 2023 with a Standard Range All Wheel Drive configuration and a 4680 battery that just received approval from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

In October, we reported that Tesla had applied for and earned certificates of compliance for various trim levels of the Model 3, Model X, and Model S, but the Model Y was never listed in the EPA’s database. That was surprising, but not alarming, as Tesla still had several months to apply for and receive approval to sell other vehicles that would fall under the 2023 model year.

The EPA has now added Tesla’s Model Y certificates of compliance for the 2023 models to its database, and instead of only getting approval for the two configurations it already sold, Tesla received three certificates of compliance for the Model Y. The Model Y Long was approved by the EPA. Choice All-Wheel Drive, Model Y Performance All-Wheel Drive, and now a new trim listed as “Model Y All-Wheel-Drive.”

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Interestingly, Tesla had previously built the Model Y with standard all-wheel drive at the Gigafactory in Texas in April, but only offered it to employees. The vehicle had a range of 279 miles and offered a more affordable AWD setup. However, it sold for almost $60,000, which was a significantly high price for the range it offered.

It was rumored that this was the Model Y that Tesla had built with the long-awaited 4680 cell. Since it was only available to employees, this only helped catalyze even more speculation that the vehicle would feature the automaker’s new cell chemistry.

4680 Model Y is difficult to detect. It’s driven by employees like Tesla head of powertrain Drew Baglino, and the company builds 4,680 Model Ys at its Gigafactory in Texas. However, the company will primarily supply its customers with 2170-equipped Model Y models, as the 4680 program is far from complete.

Tesla applied for approval for three Model Y lineups on Sept. 30 and received certificates of compliance on Oct. 19, EPA documents show. The agency has not yet published specific regional classifications for this equipment.

This may hint that Tesla is preparing to deliver an additional 4,680 Model Ys to customers this year. The vehicle had to be evaluated by the EPA before it could be delivered to customers. Because it has new chemistry with different range ratings and power ratings, it may have received all-electric crossover approval a little later than the other three cars in Tesla’s lineup.

Tesla’s 4680 cells can start mass production by the end of the year. The company has already worked with suppliers such as Panasonic to develop cell prototypes for large-scale production in 2023. Panasonic Energy Co., Ltd. CEO Kazuo Tadanobu said Tesla’s 4680 cells will enter mass production. on line in Japan in May 2023.

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Tesla Prepares to Launch 4680 Standard Range AWD Model Y for 2023

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