May 29, 2023
God Of War Ragnarok Guides Hub: Crafting, Combat, Armor, And More

God Of War Ragnarok Guides Hub: Crafting, Combat, Armor, And More

Ragnarok is coming, or so they said. In God of War Ragnarok, Kratos and Atreus find themselves in a colder, more dangerous version of the nine realms we saw in 2018’s soft reboot. huge, and it will take a long time for any player to experience it all. It also means that it can very well be an intimidating game, sometimes difficult to overcome, but it doesn’t have to be. With our God of War Ragnarok guides all in one place – right here! – you can’t just get off to a good start, but also find the guidance you need every step of the way. Who’s ready for another father-son bonding experience?

It should be noted that since some of this content is best played in the post-story portion of the game, you should consider this guide – and any linked to it – to contain spoilers, although we didn’t really spoil the story. But inferences can be made from some of this content, so go ahead knowing that ahead of time.

How long to beat God of War Ragnarok?

With a game of this magnitude, the first question we often ask ourselves is about the time investment it may require. This answer changes depending on your style of play, but we have information to serve all types of gamers. Here’s how long God of War Ragnarok takes to beat, plus an overview of the side missions and open-world structure.

Ragnarok Trophies and Platinum Guide

For some players, the game is not over when the credits roll. It’s only really over when you see that Platinum Trophy ping on the screen, meaning you’ve done everything the developers challenged you to do. If you’re going to be trophy hunting through Fimbulwinter, here’s our God of War Ragnarok trophy list and Platinum guide.

Tips for beginners

With those two set beats out of the way, it’s time to get more specific. To get started, check out our God of War Ragnarok tips, which offer several insights into the early hours of the game. Kratos is mighty, but not infallible, so use these tips to stay ahead of Odin as you march into war – or avoid it, ideally.

craft guide

Ragnarok’s crafting menus are bigger and its full range of crafting items much wider than before. It can be dizzying trying to keep track of all the different resources you’re asked to locate, so we’ve compiled a Ragnarok crafting guide full of advice to help you on your arduous journey.


You can transmog your armor in God of War Ragnarok. This means that you can change its appearance while retaining its perks and in-game stats. But the use of this cosmetic feature is not so well explained in-game, so we did it ourselves. Here’s how to use transmog in God of War Ragnarok.

Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame

Crafting in God of War Ragnarok is extensive, but two of the most important resources are Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame, which enhance your Leviathan Ax and Blades of Chaos respectively. You’ll soon find out just how vital these items are, so we’ve created a guide to explain the rate at which you’ll find more of these items. Here’s where to get Frozen Flame and Chaos Flame.