March 28, 2023
Who is the late husband of 'Dubai Bling' Loujain Adada?

Who is the late husband of ‘Dubai Bling’ Loujain Adada?

Do you like glitz and glamour? We have a new empire bling-esque Netflix reality show that’s packed with stuff, thanks to a Dubai Bling cast of some of the richest and most affluent residents of the UAE.

One of the most exciting additions to the cast is Loujain Adada, a 33-year-old Lebanese model and television host best known for her late husband, a much older Saudi businessman whom she married when she was not was only 21 years old. In the first episode of Dubai Bling the first season – which debuted on Netflix on Thursday, October 27 – Adada discussed her past marriage and over-the-top nuptials.

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