June 10, 2023
8 great Game Pass games for your Xbox from 2022

8 great Game Pass games for your Xbox from 2022

Thanks to its incredible Game Pass library, Xbox is currently one of the best gaming values. Pay a monthly subscription – ranging from $10 per month for the basic plan to $15 per month for the ultimate tier which includes multiplayer online – and access a library of games you can play at no extra cost.

Many of the games available are brand new Xbox exclusives or games that have been around for a while and are making their way to Game Pass. But with over 400 games to choose from, it can be a little daunting to figure out which ones are worth your time, especially since time is precious during the holidays.

Here’s a brief list of Xbox games to get you started.


The Xbox Series S is smaller than the 4K-enabled Xbox Series X, but it can still play the same digital games, but at 2560 x 1440 QHD resolution.


This cloud-based service lets you play many Game Pass games over Wi-Fi or LTE/5G. Get the first month for $1, then $14.99 per month thereafter.

Xbox has partnered with EA to bring its games to Game Pass through EA Play. So not only can you play the original dead space trilogy, pretty much all Battlefield game, and each Mass Effect game but you can also play Dragon Age: Inquisition – one of the best Western RPGs of the last 10 years. There’s action, drama, romance, betrayal, and a decision system that really makes your choices to feel as they count.

I didn’t dig repentance, but despite that, I recognize how appealing the utterly beautifully illustrated handwritten murder mystery might be to someone else. In Repentance, you will experience the life of a 16th century journeyman craftsman interacting with peasants, local traders and, of course, the all-powerful church. Throughout the game, you’ll make decisions with far-reaching consequences that will weigh heavily on your conscience and affect the lives and fortunes of those around you. Even if I ended up not loving anymore Repentance as others were, I still couldn’t stop playing more than 15 hours, so definitely worth it.

Despite a rocky launch a year ago, Infinite Halo is finally in place. The fundamental shooter that gave us the Master Chief is still one of the most important Xbox exclusives of all time. The game added the long-awaited online co-op feature and the long-desired Forge mode, and with a recent update, it finally added The Pit into its multiplayer map rotation. If you were waiting for the faults to be resolved before jumping into Infinite Haloit’s the perfect time.

I said that Dragon Age: Inquisition was one of the best western RPGs of the last 10 years. I had to qualify AID with “Western” because Persona 5 Royal is, hands down, the better RPG of the last 10 years. You fight against evil, greedy adults in their selfish mind palaces while juggling all the stresses and anxieties of being a teenager. There’s a colorful and endearing cast of friends, classmates, and more to help you out (including an excited talking cat). The game’s music is phenomenal, and even though the combat is turn-based, it still manages to be interesting. I spent 90 hours in Personas 5 then spent another 120 hours at Persona 5 royal. (It was the pandemic, okay?) Now that the game is on Game Pass, you’re gonna lose your heart and your life to P5R, and you’ll love every second of it.

There’s nothing more cathartic than using a pressure washer to slowly and methodically remove dirt from the side of a house…or using it to paint unsavory pictures on the sidewalk. Among the seemingly endless simulation games, PowerWash Simulator is one of the most original. It actually feels less like a simulation of the awesome power of the pressure washer and more like a simulation of what it’s like to have a small business that doesn’t peddle Amazon affiliate links.

You can play almost all Yakuza game on Game Pass. That’s it, that’s all you need to know. Every game, from Yakuza 0 to like a dragon, is available now. Still need more convincing? Imagine an RPG about being a tough gangster prowling the bright but cramped streets of Tokyo’s red light district, beating up yakuza thugs while providing sex-positive advice to sex workers while getting your booming real estate business off the ground. . It’s the kind of mixed bag you get with a Yakuza Game. Brawler action with hilarious and heartfelt side quests.

Painter Generation is a scary game about what happens when you give a camera to a group of teenagers at the end of the world. It’s like Pokemon Snap if the pokemon you photograph are the last ephemera of the human species. You’re given a camera with instructions on what subjects to capture, then you’re dropped into different areas to complete your tasks. Players are free to explore, take photos, and learn through posters and other indirect storytelling about the alien threat that has come to end the world. Painter Generation is a sad, scary and depressing game specifically because it holds up a mirror (or camera lens) to the world, asking us to confront the very real reality that humans face as the world slowly burns, but oh so surely.

titan fall 2 is six years old and still ends up on top lists because it’s so good. New to Xbox and want to play a shooter that tells a heartfelt story? It is titan fall 2. Want to befriend the best mecha killing machine with a medium fast bullet? titan fall 2It’s okay. Want to experience one of the best individual levels in a video game? Yeah you got it titan fall 2.

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