May 29, 2023
Movies to Stream Before Babylon

Stream These 10 Movies Before Watching Damien Chazelle’s ‘Babylone’

Damien Chazelleit is Babylon is probably one of the most anticipated films of the year, if not the more expected. With a mix of formidable and questionable reactions so far, the film, which tells the ambitious story of outrageous excess at the start of the film industry’s decadence, is, of course, described as a “bold Hollywood epic”. . Even though Babylon Not releasing until early next year, the up-and-coming film boasts a talented cast and has already garnered five 2023 Golden Globe nominations, including Best Picture, Comedy or Drama.

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Movies about making movies that feature a similar kind of storyline that Babylon seems to do, like Tarantino’s Once upon a time in Hollywoodto films that strongly influenced the film to come, according to Margot Robbie‘s now-deleted alleged Letterboxd account, here are some picks to help you get excited for all that old Hollywood glory.

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” (2019)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt in

Tarantino’s 2019 drama is set in 1969 Los Angeles and features many well-known faces, including Leonardo DiCaprio and Babylon stars brad pitt and Margot Robbie. Although it revolves around the stories of different characters, the film focuses primarily on DiCaprio’s character, Rick Dalton, a television actor who, along with his stunt double (Pitt), struggles to make it big in the later years of the golden age of Hollywood.

Mixing real-life events (including Robbie’s love interest character Sharon, who was based on the late actress Sharon Tate) and fiction, this engaging film feels like a love letter to the film industry, with a captivating script, an incredible soundtrack that sends you back to the late sixties, and a very enjoyable and twisted turn of events to its end. Flux Once upon a time in Hollywood on Starz.

“The Passion of Joan of Arc” (1928)

Maria Falconetti in

One of the films that featured in Robbie’s alleged film Babylon inspired The list of mailboxes was from 1928 The Passion of Joan of Arc (French: The Passion of Joan of Arc). Based on the actual trial record of Jeanne D’Arcthis intriguing film set in 1431 follows the suffering of the national symbol of France, portrayed by Married Falconetti, as she faces degradation and torture after being tried for heresy, in which she was interrogated by the Cardinal of Winchester and mocked by the judge for claiming to see the apparitions of St. Michael, St. Catherine and St. Margaret.

A very touching and moving film, The Passion of Joan of Arc account with stunning cinematography and superb acting. There’s no doubt that this harrowing and devastating masterpiece stands the test of time as one of the most remarkable silent films ever made, managing to capture emotion like no other. Flux The Passion of Joan of Arc on HBO Max.

“The Wild Party” (1929)

Clara Bow, Alice Adair and Adrienne Dore in

This pleasure The 1929 romantic drama follows the lives of college girls who enjoy their parties a little more than their classes. When mischievous “it girl” Stella Ames (Clara Bowwho will be played by Robbie in Babylonin his first film “talkie”) goes too far in a local bar and finds himself in trouble, his teacher James Gilmore (Frederic March) comes to the rescue.

Directed by one of the only female directors at that time in Hollywood, Dorothee Arzner, The Wild Party It may not be a brilliant movie (especially considering the sound of the transition period), but it’s nonetheless a very fun vintage film that focuses on sisterhood and does a great job of addressing the importance of female friendships.

“Dancing Mothers” (1926)

Alice Joyce and Clara Bow in

This melodramatic silent feature centers on a mother who tries to protect her daughter by trying to get the man her daughter was in love with. It ends up going incredibly wrong and Kittens’ (showstealing Clara Bow) mother Ethel (Alice Joyce) ends up falling in love with the man who “threatened” her daughter (Conway Tearle).

Product of its time and solid adaptation of the piece of the 20s, Dancing mothers Curiously examines flapper culture and features an unconventional ending. For some as yet unknown reason, he also took a spot on Robbie’s (allegedly) Babylon inspiration list. look Dancing mothers on Youtube.

“Safety last!” (1932)

Harold Lloyd in 'Safety Last!'

Set in 1922, Harold (Harold Lloyd) leaves his small country town and heads to the big city to find a job, leaving his girlfriend Mildred (Mildred Davis) behind with the promise that he’ll come back and propose when he does it right. Excited about his future, Harold embarks on some interesting misadventures as he’s about to get fired.

One of the funniest silent comedies to date, Safety last! shows why Harold Lloyd is often considered the third great silent comedian (behind Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin). This 1932 feature is hilarious in its entirety and, without a doubt, an absolute delight of a movie. Flux Safety last! on HBO Max.

“Call Her Wild” (1932)

Clara Bow in

Yet another film starring former Hollywood wild child icon Clara Bow, this 1932 flick ahead of its time (for the decade it was released) follows a high-spirited, angry film. NASA Spring, born and raised in Texas to two wealthy parents, as she navigates life and learns from her mistakes. After being shipped off to Chicago by her father, Nasa embarks on a disruptive journey and challenges her father by marrying a wealthy playboy.

Filled with great performances (notably from Bow, who never fails to impress), call her wild is a very provocative, entertaining and never boring film that tackles some of the less discussed topics of this era, including prostitution, gay people and extramarital affairs. look call her wild on Youtube.

‘Boogie Nights’ (1997)

Julianne Moore, Mark Wahlberg, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, John C. Reilly, Burt Reynolds, Ricky Jay, Nicole Ari Parker and Jack Wallace in Boogie Nights

Paul Thomas Andersonit is boogie nights also depicts the rise to fame in 1977, when the pleasure business was booming, as it follows young and handsome Eddie (Mark Wahlberg) journey into the adult film industry after pornography director Jack Horner (Burt Reynolds) discovers it. Under the stage name Dirk Diggler, Eddie finds himself living the life he’s always dreamed of – until the devastating consequences of fame come his way.

Bold and energetic, boogie nights offers its audience a glimpse into the 70s as they explore its world of drugs, sex and rock and roll in a brilliantly told and oddly touching story. While not for everyone, Thomas Anderson’s film is considered one of the best of all of the director’s acclaimed works. Flux boogie nights on Showtime.

“La Dolce Vita” (1960)

Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg in

Marcello RubiniMarcello Mastroiannilisten)) is a tabloid journalist The sweet life1959-1960 Roma. Because his job is to catch celebrities in embarrassing and problematic situations, Rubini tends to be close to his subjects, including, of course, beautiful women. He has an affair with local heiress Maddalena (Anouk Aimee) and Swedish superstar actress Sylvia (Anita Ekberg), although he is engaged to insecure Emma (Yvonne Furneaux).

One of the first critiques of press photography and “the sweet life” (as the Italian title translates) of wealth, fame and self-indulgence, this Federico Fellini the film remains highly regarded today. Featuring poetic black and white cinematography, La Dolce Vita is a must-have Italian watch. When we talk about the next movie with Carey Mulligan recently, Robbie said that “when I read the script, I was like, ‘It’s like The sweet life and the The wolf of Wall Street had a baby – and I love it. “” Steam The sweet life on Filmbox+.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” (2013)

Margot Robbie and Leonardo DiCaprio in

Based on Jordan Belfortthe true story of life in the early 1990s, this remarkable Martin Scorsese movie stars Robbie and DiCaprio in two of their finest performances as he portrays Belfort’s rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life, until his downfall, which involves crime and corruption.

the wolf of Wall Street is definitely one of the most memorable films of the 2010s and was nominated for the Best Picture Oscar. An energetic and sumptuous film (a bit like Babylon rumored), he holds a special place in the hearts of many people. Steam the wolf of Wall Street on Paramount+.

‘La La Land’ (2016)

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in

Oscar nominee for best picture La La Land stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in two of their most captivating roles. It focuses on the characters’ journeys as they navigate their successful careers in the Los Angeles film and music industry – Mia is an actress and Sebastian is a pianist; although both fall in love with each other, they struggle to reconcile their future aspirations.

Heartbreaking and heartwarming all the same, this superb film by Damien Chazelle is the perfect watch for those who wait Babylonis big first; not only does it deal with similar themes, but it’s directed by the same filmmaker, giving audiences a taste of his style. Steam La La Land on Prime Video.

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