March 27, 2023
'Genshin Impact's Latest 5-Star Just Improved Cryo Characters In An Unexpected Way

‘Genshin Impact’s Latest 5-Star Just Improved Cryo Characters In An Unexpected Way

Elementary reactions has become more complicated Genshin Impact with his new element, Dendro. The “grass-like” element enhanced the characters Electro and Hydro with its new reactions, which especially matter due to how late Electro was before. Now the Genshin Impact The community has realized that Nahida’s Dendro app is so good that it moves the meta further.

Nahida, aka Archon Dendro, arrived in Genshin Impact 3.2 just a week ago. Since, Genshin Impact minmaxers realized that their consistent Dendro app enabled a new way to use the ice element, Cryo. These characters usually play a role on the Melt, Superconduct, and Shatter teams. Now characters can also apparently “Reverse Melt” easier than ever. Here is the breakdown of how grass polishes ice in the world of Teyvat.

You may have heard of “Melt” before, which is Cryo plus Pyro, in which enemies are frozen and then melted. However, this elementary reaction works in one direction: Cryo and then pyro. Players would typically use a character that easily applies Cryo like Kaeya or Rosaria, then unleash a Pyro damage storm with someone like Xiangling. Fusion Reactions double the elemental DMG you would get from the attacks themselves.

As the name suggests, Reverse Melt is the opposite. Cryo characters cause the reaction after applying Pyro. It’s 1.5x elemental damage instead of double as with normal Melt, but it’s still a big enough multiplier to be effective for Spiral Abyss runs.

As explained by Braxophone, Reverse Melt compositions mostly relied on Xiangling and Kazuha (who can swirl two elements with her abilities) to consistently apply Pyro. The new strategy with Dendro uses Nahida to create a burn reaction, which works effectively similar to Xiangling and Kazuha’s skills, before blasting enemies with Cryo attacks.

First, Nahida uses her fast charge elemental skill to apply Dendro. Then a Pyro character like Bennett causes a burning reaction that spreads easily. Characters like Ganyu and Rosaria, who can easily apply Cryo with their skills without overdoing it, then activate the Reverse Melt. Cryo replaces Dendro when reacting with Burning, leaving it as a Pyro plus Cryo reaction. Ultimately, damage from reactions totals more damage than characters can take alone.

We briefly mentioned Cryo’s role in “chilled” comps with Barbara, which makes a great budget pick for Bloom teams. This Burning plus Reverse Melt strategy takes advantage of the same effect to keep Pyro on the enemy long enough for Cryo characters to trigger Reverse Melt.

Ganyu is the best choice due to how easily she can apply Cryo with her charged shot. She can also easily apply Cryo with her skills and burst, but then there is the danger of over-applying Cryo and quickly removing Burning’s Pyro status. Braxophone mentions that this is why Ayaka isn’t an ideal choice for a Nahida team, even though she applies Cryo effectively. Rosaria also works as an effective replacement for AoE Cryo damage (or Cryo damage that covers a large area).

Nahida is the key player in these team comps due to how effectively she can apply Dendro and boost EM. You can try Dendro Traveler and Collei together for a similar effect, but the timing won’t be the same and it will mean sacrificing a slot in your team to have two Dendro characters. After all, you already need at least two slots for a Cryo and Pyro character.

In Braxophone’s example, he puts Rosaria on a team with Nahida, Kazuha, and Bennett. Nahida and Kazuha increase the damage and healing of EM and Bennett buffs. Kazuha also adds crowd control to the group. It’s a growing team roster that players have also started sharing in subreddits.

These setups aren’t exactly doable for free-to-play players as they have two 5-stars in teams. However, the point remains that Nahida opened the doors to more Reverse Melt compositions. Just try replacing a few characters here and there – you might find something more meta than you thought.

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