March 22, 2023
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Bayonetta 3 Plot and Story So Far – Bayonetta 3 Wiki Guide – IGN

Bayonetta’s story involves many important characters, twists, turns, and multiverses. This guide covers the plot of Bayonetta 3 and the story so far of the first two games.

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Bayonetta Plot 3

The developer, Platinum Games, describes the plot of Bayonetta 3 as follows: “Mysterious life forms appearing to be neither angels nor demons attack amidst the ravaged streets of Tokyo’s Shibuya district, where Bayonetta then makes a graceful appearance. Why is she in Tokyo? And what is the scale of the invasion of this new enemy?”

In Bayonetta 3, Bayonetta meets and interacts with other Bayonettas from different multiverses, and also visits those multiverses.

In the IGN Bayonetta 3 review, the reviewer says, “While the first two Bayonetta games are directly linked in terms of their stories, Bayonetta 3’s story is largely self-contained, with the only knowledge required being surface-level details about who the main characters are.”

But to catch up, read Bayonetta’s story so far below.

Bayonetta’s story so far


Bayonet has a rich lore that begins before the events of the first game. We’ve covered the games plot details below, in great detail to help understand the events leading up to Bayonet 3.

If you haven’t played the games, this is just a warning that what follows will naturally contain spoilers. If you’d rather not read the details, now’s your chance to look away!

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Before the start of Bayonetta

Bayonetta takes place in a reality whereLight,Darknessandchaos represent three kingdoms known as Trinity of realities. The chaos kingdom, our world, is ruled by Has his which divides its power in half and gives it to two factions to preserve. This power becomes known as The eyes of the worlddivided intoleft eye of darkness (which is protected by the Umbra Witches), and the right eye of light (which one to Lumen Sages are responsible for). By giving these factions individual power, he also gave them free will.

Before the main story ofBayonet takes place, we learn that the protector of the right eye of light was a Lumen Sage called more bald. He had a relationship with Pinka umbra witch, causing a clash between the two factions when they had a child namedCherry. By keeping the The eyes of the world separated, the clans believed they would prevent the destruction from occurring. The union of the two led them to be exiled from their clans and Cherry being raised by theUmbra Witches like an outcast.


This union also caused the outbreak of a violent war between the two factions, the Umbra Witches ultimately win. However, more bald took the opportunity to attack weakened witches by teaming up with humans in fiction European city of Vigrid start a series of Witch hunts.

With the Umbra Witches threatened, one of the witches, Joansend the rest of the witches after more bald. To stop the left eye of darkness to have been obtained, Joan sealed Cherrywho received his mother’s eye, at the bottom of a lake. Cherry and Joan become the last two remaining Umbra Witcheswhile the others are exterminated in the Witch hunts.

What happens in the first Bayonetta game

Bayonet wakes up from the bottom of the lake, with no memory of who she is. She works alongside Enzoan informant who tells him that the right eye of light (which she says will help her regain her memories) is in Vigrid. She is faced with Joan on his way, who works with the angels of paradise steal the left eye of darkness of Bayonet.

In Vigrid, Bayonet hears more bald and begins to experience flashbacks to his past. She fights Joan again and meetLucasa convinced journalist Bayonet is responsible for the death of his father. Bayonet also meets a girl named Cherrywho believes Bayonet is his mother. She ends up traveling with them both, in order to get the The right eye.

Along the way she fights Joan several times, with Joan revealing more and more by Bayonetta passed as she does. Eventually, the two meet in a confrontation that sees Bayonet succeeded, and the real villain behind the attempt to steal the Left eye turns out like more bald. Joan also helps Bayonet realize that she is Cherrybefore sacrificing himself.

more bald reveals that he is by Bayonetta father and that she is left eye of darkness. He explains that he brought the youngest Cherry from the past, to help Bayonet ease his memories, so he can use both eyes to resurrect Jubilee, the Creator.

Bayonet fighting more bald, killing him. She then carries Cherry back in time and returns to its current timeline. This causes a rift which impacts her timeline, as she awakens the left eye of darkness, through his recovered memories. She collapses and more bald turns out to be still alive. He takes Bayonet and combine the right eye of light wake Jubilee, the Creator.


Joan comes to the rescue, helping Bayonet escape. more bald is consumed byJubileehowever causing Jubilee wake. The result is an epic showdown, where Bayonet summons queen sheba and defeats Jubilee, the Creator. Joan and Bayonet to register Earth, destroying the deity’s body as it plunges towards her. The end game sees Joan and Bayonet continue to fight the angels who caused all the destruction.

What happens in Bayonetta 2

At the end of BayonetIt seems that Bayonet died until she came out of the coffin at her funeral. Joan and Bayonet use this as a technique to attract the angels, so they can keep fighting them. At the beginning of the second part, the angels attack while Enzo and Bayonet went out shopping. Joan quickly joins them but is attacked after the battle by a Devil this Bayonet summoned.

Which causes Jeanne’s mind to take forHell. Bayonet go through the portal to Inferno, to rescue Joanby beating the Devil.That’s where she learns she can save Jeanne’s soul. She gave a Umbrian watch by Rodin (which also appears in Bayonet give him, his weapons) to save Jeanne’s soul, so it is not trapped.

Bayonet part ofgates of hell bar at Surewhere she can enter Hell. Here she meets a young boy, Lokiwho can help him reach Hell as long as she protects him. During their journey, Loki begins to remember past memories, and the two have a lot of fights against angels and demons along the way. They bump into each other too Lucaswhich reveals the story beforeBayonet on the legend of Has his.

During the trip, Bayonet and Loki fall on a Lumen Sage who have the The right eye. When they reach Hellthis Lumen Sage and The Prophet stop Loki. Bayonet enters Hellseeing Rodinand she is able to save Joan andLoki. The Lumen Sage they encountered along the way turns out to be more bald.

by Loki power is released, sending more bald and Bayonet in the past. They arrive at Vigridwhere Bayonet meet his mother, Pink. The couple fight against the angels until they are separated.Bayonet then meet Loptwhich is the earlier version of Lokiand he fights against Bayonet. Pink is killed by Loptand more bald andBayonet return to present time.

Lopt now appears in the present tense, attempting to reunite the two eyes.more bald and Bayonet Fight against Loptwho captures Loki and reveals that the two together form Has his. Not only Has his split his power in two, but he also split himself in two. He manages to take the Left eye and become Has his again, resulting in a huge battle between Bayonet,more baldand Has his.


Loki then uses his power to erase the The eyes of the world of history, explaining that it is power that Has his a – he can remove anything from existence. this allows more bald, Bayonetand Joan to defeat Has his. Has his then tries to manipulate time, switching to a timeline where the Eyes are not destroyed. To stop this, more bald sacrifices himself and tells Bayonet to defeat him when he becomes corrupted. He then returns to his own timeline, beforeBayonet.

Loki said to Bayonetta they might meet again, but ultimately, he needs a break. Bayonet,Jeansand Lucas go back to the Christmas shopping they were doing at the start of the game. And suddenly they are fighting angels Again…

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