March 28, 2023
Unplugged Performance unveils first ever Tesla Cybertruck aftermarket wheel

Unplugged Performance reveals the first ever Tesla Cybertruck aftermarket bike

Unplugged Performance (UP) unveiled the first-ever Tesla Cybertruck aftermarket bike on Wednesday. The CYBRHEX Forged rim was designed by UP in collaboration with Sasha Selipanov, an accomplished sports car designer whose work can be seen on the Bugatti Chiron, Lamborghini Huracan, Koenigsegg Gemera, Koenigsegg CC850 and many others.

Credit: Unplugged Performance

UP CEO Ben Schaffer had a late-night talk with Selipanov about the design. Selipanov presented an old concept car he developed, the Pharoah. The design dates back to 2007 and preceded Selipanov’s work with Lamborghini, Bugatti and Koenigsegg. Schaffer liked it immediately, thinking it evoked feelings of a limitless future where the lines between retro and futuristic design blur. The CYBRHEX bike is the result of a late night conversation.

Along with the new aftermarket Cybertruck bike, Schaffer said the new design is a sign of things to come for UP’s support of the Cybertruck’s future.

Credit: Unplugged Performance

“Cybertruck represents an exciting phase and future for our brand. We started as the first engineering company to improve Tesla vehicles, and we’re excited about Cybertruck’s potential to push all boundaries and push past assumptions about what a vehicle can do,” said Schaffer.

“We have huge plans to support the future of Cybertruck, and this bike debut is a sign of things to come as we rewrite expectations. At UP, it remains our priority to continue our partnerships with cutting-edge, world-class factories and the brightest and best in design.

Credit: Unplugged Performance

Schaffer also shared thoughts on the design of both the bike and the electric car.

“CYBRHEX design and Cybertruck share a timeless quality. In both cases, the 70s-inspired wedge design represents visuals that would be equally suited to scenes from the 1970s, 2000s, or even a hundred years into the future. This design aesthetic would also be equally appropriate on Earth or the surface of other planets. The desire to push the boundaries of design and a shared passion for making exciting cars inspired our collaboration to turn the concept into reality. he said.

Selipanov added that he was excited to work with UP on the new design and wanted something that would be suitable for both Earth and Mars.

“I am excited to collaborate with Unplugged Performance on the design of this new rim. We were aiming for something that looks equally at home on Earth and Mars. The result perfectly matches the brutalist aesthetic of the Tesla Cybertruck,” Selipanov said.

“It’s wonderful to see the return of brutalist ‘wedge shapes’ to car design. This design language pioneered by great Italian design masters in the 1970s always looked to the future and especially to space exploration. My 2007 Pharaoh sketches were inspired by that era of automotive design, and I’m excited to contribute to Unplugged Performance’s new CYBRHEX rim,” he added.

Credit: Unplugged Performance

“The ‘CG in real life’ CYBRHEX design has already been installed on the Model S Plaid with Tesla’s large carbon ceramic brake kit and has been developed for the entire Tesla vehicle lineup, including the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model X. Model Y,” UP said in a press release. You can watch all images from the gallery below.

Disclosure: Johnna is a $TSLA shareholder and believes in Tesla’s mission.

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Unplugged Performance reveals the first ever Tesla Cybertruck aftermarket bike

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