March 28, 2023
Deuter Flyt 20 review

Review: Deuter Flyt 20 offers the most comfortable protection – Canadian Cycling Magazine

Backpacks are not my favorite thing to wear when riding. Although I end up wearing them quite often, they’re usually a grudgingly accepted necessity when I need to carry more clothes, food, or gear than a small backpack can handle. A pack, The Flyt 20 from Deuter, changed that.

The Flyt 20 is comfortable, even on long, hot days in the saddle. It has a wide array of very functional pockets without feeling bulky. And it’s made to last.

Deuter Flyt 20: Features

For what Deuter calls a “stripped down to the bare essentials” bag, the Flyt 20 offers an impressive range of features. There are two main compartments, each with pockets for organization. The main compartment, for jackets or large items, is simpler. The front pocket features several small, well-designed pockets for organizing tools, snacks, important items (a small zippered pocket has a key clip) and even a specific loop for a pump. In total it is a pack of 20L. Although all 20Ls are functional, due to their boxier shape they feel smaller when worn. It is also compatible with a 3L hydration bladder, although this is not included.

There is also a zipped smartphone pocket on the back side of the Flyt. This is padded, keeping the screens safe and protected from impact in the event of a collision. It is also easy to reach without removing the bag.

Finally, there are straps for attaching a trail helmet, full-face helmet or gear straps, and another game on the bottom for attaching pads (or for putting on a wet jacket, if you don’t want to put it back on in your bag). A rain cover hides inside a lower pocket of the Flyt 20.

Comfort and protection

Deuter uses its Airstripes system to create airflow in the back. Two pads keep the Flyt 20 from sitting directly on your back and add padding, allowing channels for airflow. Wide hip straps and a sternum strap keep the Flyt 20 securely in place on the trails.

One of the most unique features is the integrated SAS-TEC back protector in the Flyt 20. The removable pad adds TÜV/GS certified protection in the event of a crash. The cushion is available in two sizes. The M-Xl is included in the Flyt 20. The Flyt 18 comes with the smallest SL size pad.

Deuter uses a mix of 210D PA and 100D PA High Tenacity fabrics. Both are lightweight, tear resistant and the 210D is water resistant to 1500mm. A DWR coating (instead of PFC) adds water repellency. In total, the Flyt 20 weighs 1,180 grams.

Finally, all of this is protected by a free replacement policy in the event of a breakdown.

Deuter Flyt 20 reviews

Review: Deuter Flyt 20 maximizes comfort and protection

As mentioned, I wear a lot of backpacks, but I generally don’t like doing it and will usually do anything I can to avoid it. With the Flyt 20, I actually started reaching for it instead of trying to squeeze the gear into a backpack, even for shorter rides. Why? It’s just more comfortable. It almost disappears in the rides.

I’ve spent a large number of hours wearing the Flyt this summer, including a few straight eight-hour days in uncomfortably hot weather and a full week of four to five straight hours. I have never regretted having the bag with me for the trip or getting in the way while driving. Even though its 20 liter volume is larger than some mountain bike bags, it is so stable that it feels smaller and less loaded than some smaller bags.

Smartphone pocket Deuter Flyt 20
This smart phone pocket is so smart. It is crash protected and fairly easy to access without removing the bag.
The pockets make the bag

The Flyt 20 also stands out for its really functional pockets. There are a lot of them, so you can use the ones you need any day and skip the rest instead of trying to run a pocket for different loads. And they are all well designed. They’re deep enough to hold items securely, they haven’t become bagged or started to sag even after months of heavy use. The pocket with a pump loop is particularly nice, as is the inside pocket with a key clip.

Most notable, however, is the phone pocket. It’s accessible without removing the Flyt, which means I actually use it instead of getting frustrated and putting my phone in my shorts pocket where it inevitably ends up getting damaged.

Ride the Deuter Flyt 20 at SilverStar Mountain Resort for review

Conclusions: Deuter Flyt 20 offers comfort and functionality

Airstripes are also functional. Pick up speed and there’s noticeable airflow through the bag. It also holds it slightly away from your spine, making the Flyt more comfortable to wear. I haven’t tested the back protector yet, fortunately, but it’s so light that I didn’t want to take it off for outings.

Perhaps the only knock against the Flyt 20 is that Deuter does not include the hydration bladder. There is a 3.0L available to match the bag, but you must purchase it separately. For a bag that costs $250.00 in Canada, having to buy the bladder separately (if you want to add one) adds to the price.

That said, the Flyt 20 is worth the cost in every other way. This is the most comfortable and functional bag I have tried. It is well done. If you manage to destroy the bag in a fall, Deuter offers a free replacement in the event of an accident.

Deuter also offers a smaller size Flyt, a minimalist Race bag and larger bags for larger expeditions. Based on the quality of the Flyt 20 alone, if that’s not the right volume for you, the other bags are worth checking out.

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