March 27, 2023
How to Fix PS5 Stick Drift

How to Fix PS5 Stick Drift

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Nintendo is not the only company toattched joystick drift issues. JoyCons might be the highest profile controller to suffer drift, but Sony’s PS5 controllers may suffer a similar fate. If your PS5 characters are moving on their own, there are steps you can take to fix the drift.

What is stick drift?

Stick drift occurs when the analog sticks on your controller think an entry is made even when you don’t move the stick at all. You will notice this problem right away, because the game menus and characters will move on their own. It’s frustrating and it hurts a lot unplayable games.

There is no single root cause of stick drift. In some cases, the analog stick can loosen, and make the sensors believe that it is tilted when it is not. In other cases, dirt and debris can get trapped in the stick, causing a similar error. In the In the worst case, different parts of the joystick wear out from use, causing them to fail and tricking your controller into thinking the sticks are moving when they aren’t.

How to Fix Stick Drift on Your PS5 Controller

If you’re experiencing drift on your PS5 controller, there’s some troubleshooting steps that might restore your analog stick to normal.

Let’s start with the simplest: If the problem is software related, try resetting the controller. Turn off your PS5, flip your controller, and press and hold the small button next to the Sony logo (you’ll need something thin enough to reach the button, like a SIM card tool). Turn your PS5 back on and reconnect the controller. You can also try updating the controllers from Settings > Accessories > Controllers > wireless controller software.

Unfortunately, stick drift is often not software based. If the problem is dust and debris trapped in the sticks, you need to clean them. Although Sony does not recommend using solvents to clean your joysticks, users have reported conclusive results using rubbing alcohol, as the alcohol will simply evaporate. As seen in this YourSixStudios Walkthrough, you can use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to clean the debris from the sticks, and even use a toothpick to lift the sticks to clean hard-to-reach areas. Just be careful when doing so to avoid poking vital electronics..

Alas, your joysticks may simply be worn out, an issue highlighted by iFixitwho notes some modern joysticks rely on parts that wear out way too fast. Of them rooms notably subject to wear are the pieces who say the console where the analog stick is positioned at any given time, as well as that which defines a neutral point for your joystick (i.e., the piece that tells the controller when the analog stick is not in use). If one or both of these parties have had it, you will likely experience some drift.

Here’s why PS5 joysticks are drifting (and why they’ll only get worse)

Sony will fix your PS5 controller stick drift (if you are still under warranty)

If the parts are worn, the repair becomes a bit more complicated. If you have experience with soldering, you may be able to work on it yourself. But if the controller is still under the origin manufacturer throughout the year warranty, it is better to send the controller to Sony for repair. According to the IGNyou can call (800) 345-7669 to start the process, but you can also create a repair ticket from the Sony website. Once they receive the controller, it takes seven to 10 business days to work on it, so it may take a while before you see it Again.

If the controller is no longer under warranty or if you don’t feel like waiting that long, try taking it to a local repair shop. They will probably be able to identify the publish and determine if it’s worth the cost to repair.

Hopefully the next time console makers make a controller, they use better parts and leave stick drift behind for good.

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