May 29, 2023
Bayonetta 3 Jeanne transforming into Cutie J

The best way to grow seeds in Bayonetta 3

Players looking to farm Lotus Seeds quickly in Bayonetta 3 can use Jeanne’s Motorbike Level in Side Chapter 4 to farm up to 420,000 per hour.

Players looking to obtain all items from the Gates of Hell shop in Bayonet 3 will have to cultivate a ton of lotus seeds, which can be acquired in several ways. Lotus seeds are the main currency of Bayonet 3, replacing Halos from previous games. Although Halos still exist in this sequel, they are now much rarer, as they only drop from rare Angel enemies and can only be used to purchase cosmetic items from the Rodin’s Treasures shop. Players can see how many seeds they have at any time during the game by checking the top right corner of the screen.


Players will mainly get seeds by defeating the many homunculus enemies in the game, and will likely earn a lot unintentionally just by playing. Bayonet 3′the main story. However, depending on their performance in a chapter, players can also receive bonus seeds when they complete it if they achieve high enough ranks. This can be done by building up and maintaining the combo meter, which can be done by mixing attacks, avoiding taking damage, and completing the mission as fast as possible. Lotus seeds are one of three in-game currencies, along with halos and orbs. Halos can be used to purchase cosmetics, Orbs to purchase and upgrade skills, and Seeds to purchase various items and consumables.

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How to Grow Lotus Seeds in Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Jeanne Brilliant Enemy

The current best growing method for seeds was found by the YouTube channel 100% Guides. First, players must unlock and select the Side Chapter 4 mission, in which they will play as Jeanne, as she rides her motorbike and battles multiple enemies in a side-scrolling level. Around the minute and a half, players should be able to spot a glowing enemy on a bike that, when killed, drops a special teapot item. Running over it will activate Jeanne’s Cutie J form, making her invulnerable for 20 seconds.

During this time, many enemies will appear and crushing them will automatically defeat them, allowing players to accumulate tons of seeds. This method of farming will net players around 35,000 seeds per run, which, given that players can leave the level at any time and repeat it, means around 420,000 seeds per hour. It’s also important to note that the difficulty setting doesn’t seem to have a significant impact on Seeds players per kill, so it’s advisable to play Casual when using this method of farming in which has become one of the best actions. games on Switch, Bayonet 3.

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Sources: Youtube/100% Guides

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    Bayonetta 3 marks the return of the sorceress Umbrane eight years after the last Nintendo Wii U release, Bayonetta 2. Bayonetta embarks on a multiversal adventure when a mysterious being known as the Singularity enters the scene and slays the Bayonettas of several universe, absorbing their powers and destroying their kingdoms. A Bayonetta, her friend Jeanne, and a mysterious new Umbran witch-in-training named Viola are all that stand in the way of complete multiversal destruction. Bayonetta 3 implements several new gameplay mechanics, such as the Demon Slave system, where players can summon massive demons to fight alongside them and crush enemies on the field. Additionally, players can expect massive kaiju-sized battles where they will take control of these demons and engage in city-sized battles. Marking the end of the original trilogy, Bayonetta 3 was released for Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

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