March 27, 2023
A photograph of a total lunar eclipse in Canta, east of Lima on May 15, 2022.

1st Election Day Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Coming November 8th

Early on Election Day morning, early risers will have the opportunity to observe the November Castor Moon undergo a total eclipse.

This will be the fourth and final lunar eclipse that comes with interesting six-month intervals, starting from May of last year to this year. Three of these eclipses in this series are total. One of them – the lunar eclipse last November 19 – was partial, but just barely. all but about two percent of the moon was immersed in Earth’s dark umbra (the darkest, innermost part of a shadow). Had last November’s eclipse been recorded as total, it would have resulted in four totalities spanning 2021 and 2022: a cycle known as a lunar eclipse tetrad.

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