June 5, 2023
The Chant - Feature - Player arrives on Glory Island

10 beginner tips for singing

Singing is a survival horror game set on a remote island. Players can embark on a psychedelic adventure to explore the deep mysteries of Glory Island. Take control of Jess Briars as she becomes part of the Prismic Spiritual Retreat and finds inner peace in a chaotic world.

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Edited by Prime Matter, Singing is an immersive game that helps people balance their mind, body, and spirit while encountering new and fascinating mysteries on Glory Island. Players can interact with several interesting characters in an effort to restore the island to its peaceful character. Here are some beginner tips to improve the gameplay of Singing.


10/10 Explore the Isle of Glory

People will find themselves starting a new adventure on a mysterious island at the start of the game. Players can take their time to explore Glory Island and its inhabitants before completing quests.

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Jess is a strong, independent woman who can make her own decisions to live life to the fullest. Players will meet Kim when they get off the boat on Glory Island. Enjoy the visuals of a wild and cheeky island as Jess finds her place among unique characters. Players will find out their base stats, mind, body, and spirit after speaking with Kim.

9/10 Fight the flies

Flies can be recurring creatures that plague Jess on her journey. Players will first encounter flies on a bridge before accepting the invitation to the Prismic Spiritual Retreat. Jess will soon encounter these flies when she tries to drop her letters in the mailbox on Glory Island.

People can craft a sage stick to ward off flies on the remote island of Singing. Jess can pick up Sage sprawled near rocks and trees around the island. Once Jess gets her hands on Sage, she can find Twine in the jungle to complete the ingredients she needs to craft a Sage Stick. Make a sage stick by wrapping twine around sage leaves. Jess can use the Sage Stick to disperse the flies.

8/10 Collect ingredients for tea

Singing offers many quests that help Jess become a stronger person. The forest on the island is filled with various ingredients that Jess can use to fuel her adventures in the game. Jess can help Maya brew tea for the people of Glory Island by finding the right ingredients in the forest.

Players must find Spirit Cap, Lavender, and Ginger in the jungle. Jess can collect these ingredients after paddleboarding through the Geodome on Glory Island. Lavender is purple in color and can restore the mind. Spirit Camp is aqua blue in color and can restore the spirit. Ginger is red in color and restores body.

7/10 Play orientation video

Meeting new characters can be exciting in Singing. The game has a few characters who offer different types of information based on Jess’ response to their conversations. These conversations can help Jess gain experience and other in-game collectibles.

Jess can talk to Sonny to retrieve the orientation video for the Prismic Spiritual Retreat. Sonny is a young developer trying to turn Glory Island into a destination for spiritual growth. Once Sonny provides the orientation video after the initial conversation, Jess can play the video on the projector to learn more about the retreat.

6/10 Learn about other locals

Glory Island can be a huge place to explore. Jess will have to find and meet other inhabitants to familiarize herself with her surroundings. Meeting other members of the Prismic Spiritual Retreat can provide many details about the journey Jess is preparing for in the game.

Jess can meet Kim, Hannah, Sonny, Tyler and Maya at the start of Singing. Players can find forms of these characters placed around the island to learn their true intentions behind visiting the retreat. Gather these documents for clarification on the other inhabitants of the island.

5/10 Beware of gloom

Tyler from the Prismic Spiritual Retreat will bring everyone on the island together for a singing group at night. Once Jess takes a sip of tea and begins to sing, The Gloom becomes visible to the naked eye.

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Players will find The Gloom to be a living entity around the island. The Gloom can take various forms to haunt its inhabitants. Jess must be aware of The Gloom’s presence while exploring Glory Island to survive the game. Spending too much time around The Gloom can drain Jess’ mind bar and force her into a panic attack.

4/10 Collect research notes

The survival horror game requires people to collect lots of in-game documents to get closer to solving the mystery behind Glory Island. Jess can retrieve important documents from cabinets, desks and other hidden places in Singing.

These research notes include forms of other inhabitants, Sonny’s business plan, Sage’s purification note, and crucial information about the creatures that inhabit The Gloom. Jess can read these materials to learn more about mysterious creatures, like the Mandacore, and how to fight them to survive longer in the game.

3/10 Sage sticks are reliable in battles

Jess can craft sage sticks to fight against the creatures that inhabit The Gloom. These creatures can attack Jess at any point in the game. Entering places enveloped by The Gloom’s presence can drain the spirit bar, slowly pushing her into a state of panic in Singing.

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Players can use a combination of light attacks and heavy attacks with Sage Sticks to hit enemies in the horror game. Jess can hold the attack button longer to perform a heavy attack on creatures in The Gloom. It can take a few hits from Sage Sticks to destroy creatures. Stay safe when using Sage Sticks to attack enemies in the game.

2/10 Avoid facing the rams head-on

Combat is not a skill that Jess is particularly good at. Singing asks Jess to protect herself from the monsters scattered around Glory Island. Rams are among the first enemies Jess will face in battles.

These rams can move at high speed and wear the skull of a horned beast on their head to intimidate players in the game. It can be dangerous to fight rams head-on and survive. Jess can find places to take cover while waiting for the rams to get distracted before going any further Singing.

1/10 Appreciate the artwork

Singing is a game that uses an isolated island as a setting to scare players. Newbies to the survival horror game genre may take a moment to appreciate the artwork that helps make the game a splendid place to explore.

The drawings, documents and character design can inspire many people to spend more time watching the game artwork. The gameplay allows players to easily heal their mind, body and spirit, giving people enough chances to discover superb sculptures and sacred plants that are spread over Glory Island.

Singing is currently available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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