March 20, 2023
Morning Report: Israel Adesanya wants Jake Paul to win with Anderson Silva and 'shake the world up'

Morning Report: Israel Adesanya wants Jake Paul to win with Anderson Silva and ‘shake the world up’

Israel Adesanya has joined the Jake Paul team.

Legendary MMA icon Anderson Silva will officially become the fifth opponent for “The Problem Child” when the two clash this Saturday night in Phoenix, Arizona. Many in the martial arts community, whether it’s boxing or MMA, believe the 47-year-old All Time Great will be Paul’s toughest test yet.

After battling “The Spider” during his climb to the UFC middleweight title, Adesanya has faith in the punchy 25-year-old Paul. At the same time, he also wants to make it clear that Silva has to be taken seriously despite almost half a century.

“I’ll be honest, it’s a tough fight, but I told you that at your house after your Nate Robinson fight and I was like, ‘Man, you’re a crazy motherf*****’.” Adesanya continued to tell Paul BS with Jake Paul. “And I still say that. You are a crazy motherfucker. So if you can pull this fight off at all, it’ll go down in history and you can pull it off. Silva can be beat. That’s boxing too, it’s not MMA, he’s getting older, I don’t really think it matters like everyone says. Don’t fucking believe the hype just because he’s 42 or whatever. He’s a different 42-year-old.

“I think you can do it, but don’t sleep on Silva [otherwise] It’s gonna be a bad night. I want to see you shake the world, it’s fun to see you just throw everywhere (laughs).”

Adesanya’s fight with Silva in February 2019 resulted in a unanimous decision from the judges in favor of “The Last Stylebender”. The bout was one of the purest definitions of old vs. new school in recent memory, as two distinct middleweight eras swung back and forth.

Silva was idolic to Adesanya going into the matchup, and he was aware of the uniquely friendly nature of the mental warfare that was coming his way. Paul has had to contend with the same old Silva that everyone who has fought against him has, and that in itself is just as important as his phenomenal quick wit, says Adesanya.

“You have to be careful, man,” Adesanya said. “I told Logan [Paul], if you take this fight, take it seriously because it’s no joke. Silva is the master, he’s a mastermind, man. It even matters the way he speaks, how he talks to you when you meet him. He’s a friendly guy, I love Silva. He’s cool and he’s also a humble, genuine guy. But when it comes to war, he’s a savage.

“He’s from the street, brother. You have to remember that this guy is from the streets and the favelas, he doesn’t care.”

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