March 27, 2023

Forspoken showcases its Parkour action in a nimble new trailer

Since it was revealed, one of the most appealing aspects of Luminous Productions’ new Forspoken action-RPG has been its smooth parkour traversal system, but how exactly does it work? The game’s latest trailer comes in there, detailing the game’s basic flow and stamina mechanics, as well as some of Frey’s more advanced parkour moves. There are also various challenges to complete that will improve your parkour abilities. Eventually, Frey will be able to float, summon platforms to leap through the air, and glide through water on a magical surfboard, essentially transforming into a fantasy superhero. You can check out the Forspoken parkour deep dive below.

Look good ! If Luminous Productions can provide the technology to support their parkour mechanics, traversing the world of Forspoken should be a lot of fun. Here’s a look at Frey’s different moves…

  • To flow – Frey is activated by holding down the circle button – in this state, Frey will rush through the world with breathtaking speed and incredible grace. She will automatically jump over small rocks and ledges, jump small walls, and do whatever she can to keep moving in the direction you tell her to. Of course, there are limits. Using Flow alone won’t allow Frey to climb a cliff or climb a tall building – additionally, it requires stamina. To really move in style, you need to combine Flow with Frey’s other moves and learn how to chain them together.
  • Rush – The Rush ability allows you to Flow even faster by working by pressing the buttons at the right time. When using Flow, you will occasionally see flames briefly emanating from Frey. Press the circle button upon seeing this visual prompt, and it will explode keeping its fastest pace. Even better, it also lets you maintain top speeds while restoring some stamina.
  • Shimmy – Want to speed up quickly? It’s time to Shimmy. This move allows Frey to lift off the ground to accelerate. Press X at the right time and Frey will take a small leap forward. If you press X again when she lands, you can keep moving forward at incredible speeds. It’s also great because it’s another move that conserves stamina. Many skills tap into this resource, and when it runs out, so does Frey’s current run. Sometimes taking a well-timed break is helpful as her stamina will quickly recharge when Frey isn’t using an ability.
  • Ladder – Flow can make you climb a wall, but to go higher, you must learn to evolve. This ability allows Frey to create phantom footholds to launch himself into the air. You can use it to give yourself the boost you need to reach the top of a structure or launch yourself to continue moving seamlessly through the world.
  • To go up – Soar lets you climb even higher by performing multiple jumps in quick succession. As the name suggests, Soar allows Frey to reach incredible heights that are unreachable with a normal jump – this extra height is a real game-changer, allowing you to reach areas that would otherwise be unreachable and opening up even more possibilities. opportunities for flamboyant parkour.
  • zipper – By pressing the square button, you can make Frey cast a magic tether, which pulls her to anything she connects with. It’s useful for keeping you going in situations where you’d otherwise fall short of a ledge, or for getting around landscapes that might otherwise slow your forward momentum. Alternatively, you can hold the square stance to slow down the action and target areas you specifically want to move towards. While Zip can cling to any wall, it really comes into its own when targeting certain items found around the world. These allow Frey to swing forward at incredible speeds or launch himself high into the air!
  • Float – You’ve run, climbed, soared and zipped your way up, but you need to get down fast – what do you do? Use Float of course! This infinitely useful ability allows Frey to manipulate gravity itself to soften any fall. Just hold the X button in the air and you can gently drift downward at a controlled speed. Of course, the applications go far beyond simple survival – it’s also fantastic in traversal situations.
  • Slide – Glide allows Frey to hover over the surface of the water. If Frey has learned the ability, it automatically activates when you use Flow in splashy stuff – just hold Circle to start surfing. The speed and style at which you can travel makes every lake, river and sea an opportunity to showboat in style. it’s especially useful when fighting some of those aforementioned damp monsters – with this ability, you can spin rings around them. Or, more accurately, Glide rings around them.

Forspoken slides to PC and PS5 on January 24, 2023.

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