May 29, 2023
Your Horoscope For The Week Ahead: Cold Hearts Will Warm As We Reconnect With Our Romantic Sides |  Radio-Canada Life

Your Horoscope For The Week Ahead: Cold Hearts Will Warm As We Reconnect With Our Romantic Sides | Radio-Canada Life

Cold hearts will warm up this week, as we collectively reconnect with our romantic sides. On Wednesday, relationship-ruling Venus sextiles dreamy Neptune, encouraging us to break down walls with our partners and potential love interests. This loving transit calls us to know ourselves on a more intimate level.

You may feel an urgency to launch your passion projects when the moon that rules emotions enters its first quarter in energetic Aries on Thursday. It’s a bright lunation for taking initiative, being decisive, and acting quickly. However, if you’re working on something that requires patience, you might get frustrated if things don’t move as quickly as you’d like.

Also on Thursday, communication-ruling Mercury will be retrograde in ambitious Capricorn, encouraging us to look back before moving forward. While the urge to act first and ask questions later can be strong, it’s essential that you slow down to consider the details. Mistakes are easy to make when Mercury is moving quickly in reverse, so remember to be extremely careful when signing documents or making short trips. This transit also marks an opportunity to review your behavior of the past year and identify patterns you would prefer to avoid in the future.

People will be in the mood to shake things up when lovely Venus joins transformative Pluto this Saturday. Just like any New Year’s Eve, it’s important not to let your hopes for the evening get too high. Managing your expectations and sticking with people who match your energy will be key. It’s your turn to set the tone – ring in the new year the way you want to see 2023 unfold.

Here is your weekly horoscope for Monday, December 26, 2022:


Are you ready to let others see your softer side, Aries? Allowing yourself to be vulnerable could open you up to connections you may have unknowingly blocked yourself from. Single Aries may feel freer with their emotions, allowing a new passion to enter their lives. If you’re in a relationship, you might be inspired to break down the walls with your partner, giving them a chance to see the sides of yourself that you usually keep hidden. In the meantime, if you feel less motivated to work through your to-do list at the end of the year, know that you can always make adjustments. You will be able to overcome any feelings of stagnation by taking things slow and being accountable to others.


Be wise with your resources this week, Taurus. Although your current budget may seem a bit limited, you can fend off any negative feelings by getting creative with what you have. Taking a slow and careful approach to your spending will prevent you from making regrettable purchases in the next moment. For New Year’s Eve, you can entertain yourself by hosting a game night that helps spin those wheels in your beautiful mind. Spending time with the people you love, while testing your luck and skills, will make for an unforgettable evening.


A new friendship could shed light on your true professional goals, Gemini. This week, making the effort to get to know an acquaintance or colleague a little better could give you the chance to discover a delightful connection — or perhaps even embark on a different career path. During this time, if you feel like the world is spinning faster than you can handle it, take a moment to slow down, gather your energy, and focus on restoring your foundation. Think about how you can strengthen your home life to better manage your responsibilities with loved ones. Showing your appreciation for your family will help strengthen your love for life as you head into the new year.


Cancer, your personality shines when you bring harmony to your space. This week, you’ll be happiest when you’re cuddled up at home with your loved ones as the winter winds swirl outside. This intimate vibe will continue throughout the weekend, so if you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve this year, you might want to make your pad the place to be. Hosting an intimate get-together with friends and family will allow you to let loose without having to worry about all the elements that would be out of your control if you were at a big party. You need time to connect with your favorite people one-on-one without loud voices or loud music.


Have you looked at your budget lately, Leo? This week, you might feel inclined to re-evaluate your spending habits to better understand where you stand with your financial goals. Reflecting on your shopping habits can help you become more aware of your resources and get you back on track. You might also have the opportunity to discuss your earning potential with your boss or clients. Being transparent about your needs will help you get rid of your frustrations and fears of rejection. And while you may feel excited about sharing your professional goals with loved ones, try not to let them swallow up the conversation at home. Remember to practice active listening and make room for others to be heard as you welcome 2023.


Be open about your needs, Virgo. This week, if you find yourself in a conversation about your finances, being honest about your problems can help you find the solution. You may need more information before you can start progressing your final monetary mission. In the meantime, if you’re starting to lose a bit of courage at work, simplifying your schedule could help you stay focused. Use your downtime to research ways to update your skills in the coming year. This simple action will boost your motivation to improve your career in 2023.


Let yourself be a student again, Libra. Learning to accept being a novice could open you up to new experiences and perhaps even inspire you to embark on a surprising career path. But before you do anything, be sure to do your research and think carefully about what it will take to branch out into uncharted territory. Discussing your passions with people you trust can help solidify your plan for the future. Come New Year’s Eve, you may have a clearer picture of how you can fund your next venture. While other people will let loose, your focus will be firmly locked on what you can accomplish in the coming year.


Are you ready to start collaborating, Scorpio? Your friends could help you turn a kernel of wisdom into a powerful creative vision – if you’re able to open up to them and play nice. This week, explore the possibilities together and watch your dreams come true. Even if you fail, you will have fun trying. Meanwhile, if you’re single, you might feel that a friendly relationship is starting to turn into something more this New Year’s Eve. Be careful not to express jealousy or possessiveness when browsing at the right time to share your feelings. Attached Scorpios will be happiest celebrating with their partners, showing their affection, and letting their wild sense of humor shine.


Learning to protect your energy is a process, Sagittarius. If you wanted to create more moments for yourself, there’s no better time than the present to start setting boundaries. To avoid frustration when planning your downtime, you may want to let your family know about this change in your availability. You may feel less inclined to make progress on your goals this week, and that’s okay. Remember: it’s impossible to be constantly productive, so slow down to conserve your strength. On that note, you can opt for a more introspective evening with just a few close friends this New Year’s Eve, so you can focus on keeping an optimistic eye on the future.


A playful vibe could take you far at work this week, Capricorn. Keep it light and harness that positive energy to win the hearts of your co-workers. You have a clear vision for your career, and now is the time to sow the seeds of your big project in their minds. But while your mind is soaring, you may find it hard to find your usual zest to get things done on a practical level. You may need to give yourself extra time to tackle everything on your list because you won’t be working at full capacity. On New Year’s Eve, you may find it difficult to leave work at work. But if you can free yourself from the burdens of 2022, you’ll be well on your way to an evening of great relationships and laughter.


What’s your home vibe, Aquarius? This week, you might be inspired to make improvements around the house to reflect your new minimalist vision. By focusing on reducing clutter, you’ll be able to sort through your stuff and maybe even earn some extra money, if you’re warned. Mid-week, you may be feeling anxious to tackle your to-do list before the start of the new year. Take a step back to redefine your priorities and give yourself more leeway. Communicating your ability to friends, family and colleagues will help ensure that no one is disappointed.


You’re in for revealing conversations this week, Pisces. As your compassionate spirit shines, you’ll be blessed with the tact necessary to navigate difficult topics with ease. It could also be a fantastic time to forge new friendships or test the waters with someone you love. The energy of these interactions at the start of the week will help fuel you as your desire to withdraw from the world grows. It’s up to you to find the balance between the discussions that elevate you and those that exhaust you. Towards the end of the week, you may find yourself drawn back to old passion projects, exploring what continues to inspire you. Trust the process as you challenge yourself to create something new and beautiful.

Bryanna Collier is an astrologer and fashion editor. His work focuses on astrology, personal style and how the two intersect. Follow his work at The Star Crossed.

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