March 20, 2023

BRUCE KULICK thinks he and BOB KULICK would have worked out their differences if his brother hadn’t died

In a new appearance on The SDR Loungeancient EMBRACE guitarist Bruce Kulick he was asked if he had a chance to resolve his differences with his brother Bob before the latter’s death in May 2020 at the age of 70. He replied (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “He knew I didn’t take it personally. And I heard, although we didn’t have the conversation, I heard from his people that he loved me very much, he knew that, if God forbid anything ever happened to him I was there and he didn’t want [our feud] Continue. Now, I know it was happening in the middle of the pandemic, and it might have given him that mindset. And I’m sure if he hadn’t passed away so suddenly, we probably could have worked it out. But unfortunately, all of a sudden he had a heart attack and that was it. But luckily I knew that weeks before, the people who were close [to him] shared all of this with me, which really made me feel so much better. But I know he always knew I loved him. But I needed some distance from him.”

bruce added: “You look at the music industry, how many brothers in the business [are butting heads]. Oh my God. It’s quite common. I don’t know, maybe it’s a psychological problem.”

In May 2021, bruce released a tribute video to his brother to mark the first anniversary of his death.

In a note accompanying the video Youtube Release, bruce wrote: “A year ago today my brother Bob Kulick deceased. For his first birthday, I created a loving video tribute. In the end, I share his final resting place. Bob KulickLife and career was “Forever Larger than Life”. “

Bob died on May 28, 2020 at his home in Las Vegas. He died of natural causes due to heart disease.

In October 2020, bruce said he was unaware that his brother had complained to his doctor of chest pain and heart palpitations. “I recently found this out looking at his medical papers, and I think he needed to be treated, but the pandemic could [have] prevented him from doing so, bruce wrote in a social media post. “For me, it was a shock, because it was so sudden.

Throughout his musical career of more than 40 years, Bob Kulick worked with an astonishing palette of artists: from Meatloaf at MOTORHEAD; of EMBRACE at Michael Bolton; WASP at Diana Ross; as well as captions such as Roger Daltrey, Alice Cooper, Lou Reed and Paul Stanleyfirst solo album and tour.

Bob began his musical career at 16 – when most high schoolers are still trying to figure out where they are going in life – appearing on the 1966 album “Winchester Cathedral” from RANDOM BLUES GROUPthe “baby band” which Bob starred in who starred at Cafe Wha in New York’s Greenwich Village alongside jimmy james and the BLUE FLAMES (later renamed jimi hendrix).

1973 saw Kulick making the connection with which he has been most associated throughout his career. He auditioned for – and was passed over by – EMBRACE. Instead of being discouraged, the six-string has aligned itself with the band over the years, playing studio gear on “Kiss Alive II”offering solos on “Killers” album, co-writing “Naked City” of “Unmasked” and guest on Paul Stanley1979 solo album and touring a decade later. He even suggested his brother to the group.

In April 2020, bruce admitted in an interview that his relationship with Bob was “unhealthy”. bruce opened up about his estranged older brother five months after Bob made a public post on his personal account Facebook page as well as on its instagram to accuse bruce of contributory “copyright infringement” on the sale of “Kulick Brothers“merchandise items, including a signed photo. According to Bobthe articles were made available via Embrace Army Merchandise with permission from bruce only. Bob went on to say that bruce had “a restraining order” against him, but did not elaborate on the circumstances that led to the issuance of the order.

During 2017 “Kiss Cross VII”the Kulick the brothers performed a set of 13 songs including 10 rarely performed EMBRACE songs such as “Light the Night” and “All American Man”as well as three classics of Paul Stanley1978 solo album (on which Bob carried out). That same year, Bob released a solo album, “Skeletons in the Closet”.

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