June 10, 2023
Kate Mulgrew Reveals Terms She Gave Alex Kurtzman For Live-Action Janeway Return

Kate Mulgrew Reveals Terms She Gave Alex Kurtzman For Live-Action Janeway Return

There’s been a lot of talk in recent months about Kate Mulgrew’s return to live-action to play Kathryn Janeway from Star Trek: Voyagera character on which she currently voices Star Trek: Prodigy. The actress herself even hinted. It was also discussed earlier this month onstage at New York Comic Con by Mulgrew and executive producer Alex Kurtzman. Now Mulgrew is revealing what she told Kurtzman it would take for her to do it.

Mulgrew wants tense stories, adventure, exploration… not steel bread

When Kate Mulgrew was in Bloomington, Indiana last weekend to visit the Janeway Memorial, she hosted a Q&A event with fans and, of course, the topic of returning to live action. has been addressed. At the start, Mulgrew recounted his version of events from the NYCC panel when Kurtzman hinted at an “idea” for Janeway’s return, with his reaction:

[Alex Kurtzman] said, “I think it’s under discussion.” You know, in Hollywood, what does that mean? It’s like a man saying to you after a date, “I’ll call you.” There’s been a tone and a shout lately. I was in Europe doing a tour and there was a lot of that too, “When are we going to see Janeway’s live action?” It looks like something interesting is going on. You know, I didn’t think I would, because I’m a certain age now. Just like I was a certain age then, right? But I am very strong and always full of life and I love this character. So why the hell wouldn’t I bring her back?

When asked if she had any specific ideas for Janeway’s story for any given series, the actress said no because she didn’t want to be ‘crushed’, but revealed what she had. told Alex Kurtzman that she wanted:

I told Kurtzman. The writing is going to have to be absolutely exquisite and also tight – I mean so tight. I want that tongue to burst! And I want the story to be then tenuous and tense. I said, “No languor.” I don’t want ups and downs. I want a Janeway that everyone can say, “That’s what she’s become.” I am with her! That’s good!” Right? And I’m thinking of some kind of amazing adventure. Even bigger than Traveler. Even larger than the Delta Quadrant.

Later, speaking of stories, she wanted to see more about Star Trek: Voyager, Mulgrew mentioned the idea of ​​”the loneliness of command”, pointing to the episode “Night”, as a “brief” example of executive producer Rick Berman’s reaction to his desire to further explore the personal sacrifices Janeway had made. facts. She then returned the discussion to the past to return to the idea of ​​her possible future return:

If I go live again, that will be a moot point, because the flip side was: Yes, I missed the turn in the Delta quadrant. But secretly, in private, after I cried on the bridge and said, “We’re all lost in the Delta Quadrant,” I think I went to my quarters and said, “Yes! Because the scientist… the explorer is so alive in Janeway. She loves that. She was made for this. So we would go into that a bit more with the old Janeway. And no more of those buns on my head.

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Star Trek: Janeway or Janeway in another StarTrek?

Alex Kurtzman is no stranger to hosting a former Star Trek star, having made Patrick Stewart an executive producer on Star Trek: Picard and gave him his opinion on its development. Paramount+ currently offers three live shows, but by this time next year they will be reduced to two after the third and final season of picard. Whereas Strange new worlds is just beginning, Discovery probably passed halfway with the production which will soon end on the fifth season.

There have been indications that Paramount+ is ready to move forward with a new live broadcast. Alex Kurtzman confirmed to the SDCC that there are at least two in active development, hinting that they are a Starfleet Academy show and a Section 31 show run by Michelle Yeoh. picard Showrunner Terry Matalas has said he hopes to see a spin-off of this show set in the early 25th century and cast members have indicated they can’t wait to be on board, including some alumni. Star Trek: The Next Generation stars. In theory, Admiral Janeway could be part of such a series, but it’s unclear whether Mulgrew would settle for a recurring or supporting role for his return to live-action. For now, fans will have to settle for the animated Admiral Janeway (and Hologram Janeway) on Star Trek: Prodigy.

Admiral Janeway with his crew of the USS Dauntless in episode 11 of Prodigy

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