June 5, 2023
Douglas campaigns for Hope and Thomas to reunite as Liam freaks out with Brooke

Douglas campaigns for Hope and Thomas to reunite as Liam freaks out with Brooke

In Forrester’s office, Thomas thinks to himself that Hope is off limits as he helps her adjust the dress in the mirror. Douglas and Liam appear at the door as Thomas touches Hope’s waist. Douglas tells Hope she is beautiful.

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Thomas flashes to frame Brooke with the voice recording as Liam says he and Douglas were hanging out at Eric’s. He reiterates that he knows he is not the father of the child, but he hoped that Hope would help him explain why it is so important to him that Douglas comes home for a bit. “That’s what you want too, isn’t it?” he asks his wife. She glances at Thomas.
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At Brooke’s, she tells Katie that Hope spends a lot of time with Thomas, not only at the office but also at Eric’s. The blonde turns the conversation to Katie and Bill. Katie guesses that now that she and Ridge have separated, Bill has come to see her. Brooke’s expression tells her she’s right. Katie thinks it happened even faster than she expected. Brooke explains that she doesn’t want to be saved by Bill or anyone; she just wants her husband back. She wishes Ridge had told her what changed.

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At Deacon’s, Sheila guesses that he went to see Brooke after finding out that she and Ridge had broken up. “You just couldn’t get there fast enough.” He admits it. Annoyed, Sheila throws her newspaper on the couch. He reminds him that he can go wherever he wants. She fumes that he is dreaming if he thinks he has a chance with Brooke. Sheila advises Deacon that the best thing for everyone is to stay away from her. Deacon wonders if Sheila is threatening him. Sheila thinks it’s just good advice and if he keeps tracking Brooke down, he’ll find out. Deacon reiterates that this is a threat. Sheila just wants it to be realistic. Deacon finds this hilarious coming from her. Sheila wants him to admit that after all the nights they shared, even if he could be with Brooke, it wouldn’t be the same. “She can’t hold a candle for me. Why don’t you just admit it… Dad.
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At Brooke’s, she tells Katie that Deacon and Bill could have promised her the world and it wouldn’t have made a difference. She thinks Bill would have acted differently if he thought there was a chance with her, but Katie isn’t buying it. She wants to give her heart to a man who can give his all to her and thinks they’re out there. Brooke senses she is seeing someone but Katie is unavailable. Brooke says her marriage isn’t the only one under attack – Hope and Liam’s is too.

At Forrester, Douglas protests that he doesn’t want to leave Eric’s house and go back to the cabin. Hope tells him they’ll find a way to make it work. Liam reels as Douglas suggests that Hope and Beth come spend the whole weekend with him and Thomas at the Forrester mansion. Hope reminds the kid that they’re working on a huge preview. She and Thomas assure him that it will happen right after. As they share a group hug, Liam looks sad and upset.
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At Deacon’s, he agrees not to talk about Brooke and tells Sheila to put him away from his twisted little mind. They joke about what she did today – the same thing she does every day; stare at the walls, watch his soap operas and wait for him to come home. She exists for him. “You are my whole world.” She could have left town, which would have been easier and less stressful, but she had to be there with her son and her grandson. Deacon notices that she cut off her toe to do this. Sheila tells Deacon he’s driving her crazy “you’re a sexy thing”. She will never be able to thank him for what he has done but she will try. They begin to kiss passionately.

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At Brooke’s, Katie offers to keep an eye on Hope in the office and her sister is grateful. She asks Katie about the new man in her life. Katie promises that as soon as there is something to talk about, she and Donna will be the first to know. Liam arrives and Katie takes off. Brooke asks her son-in-law, “What’s going on?” Liam fumes that Hope and Douglas are doing exactly what Thomas wants them to do and he gets kicked out.
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Liam tells Brooke about his visit to Douglas at Eric’s house and asks her to come home. She is encouraged by this, but Liam explains that Douglas wanted to discuss it with Hope and Thomas. When they arrived, Thomas had gotten hold of Hope to do all the designer work. He can’t understand how Hope can stand having him so close to her. Brooke discovers that Hope thinks Thomas is hot. They lament that Hope forgets the past. Liam senses that Douglas is helping Thomas and recounts that the boy asked if they could all spend the weekend together without him. Brooke is appalled. Liam says there’s more going on here. He panics because he tries to protect his family, but nobody listens to him.

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At the office, Hope and Thomas spend time with Douglas who enjoys spending time together. He loves them and wants them to love themselves too.

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