June 5, 2023
Recovery time on Young & Restless: Sally is perfectly positioned to burn Victoria for firing her - Here's how

Recovery time on Young & Restless: Sally is perfectly positioned to burn Victoria for firing her – Here’s how

Is it time for Victor’s daughter to take it down a notch?

Is it just us, or has Victoria been particularly ruthless since the whole Ashland thing unfolded? There was a time when she was neck and neck with Adam in the “Who’s Most Like Their Dad?” raffles but of today Young and restless puts her ahead in this race.

His latest move – plotting to take a controlling stake in Devon and Lily’s company by making a deal with their disillusioned cousin, Nate, and ousting Sally as CEO of Newman Media to install her in her place when the plan has got scuttled – didn’t go well -received by, well, almost everyone…on screen and stopped!

Devon confronted Nate and Victoria, only for her to feign innocence. He didn’t believe her and called her out for messing with the late Neil’s family heirloom. Ouch. Elena also won’t be too happy to hear that Nate is now working for Victoria, given his new take on Victor’s daughter, who is a far cry from the days when they happily compared cooking podcasts and doubles. appointment !

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But it’s Sally who doesn’t care without a job. As Nick pointed out, she’s nothing if she’s not resilient, so where will she land next? Jabot/Marchetti is absent for obvious reasons. She definitely wouldn’t want to work with Phyllis and Summer even if they had her, which they probably wouldn’t even if Adam pushed for it. Also, Sally declined her and Nick’s offer of help, stating that she would find her next job on her own, thank you very much.

We have a feeling the logical place she goes will turn out to be where she could do the most damage to her former boss, Victoria… if she was so inclined.

Sally doesn’t seem to want revenge at the moment – and she’s clearly trying to be a better person these days – but if she was able to get back to Victoria by simply doing her best in her new position, well now , that wouldn’t be so bad, would it?

As Nick has pointed out more than once, Sally had some fantastic ideas she was planning to implement at Newman Media. Why not take these winning concepts to their competitor – Chancellor-Winters – which just so happens to have a media division with podcasts and streaming as well?

There isn’t one, but of themCOO positions are opening up in Lily and Devon’s firm now that Nate is gone and Billy has resigned, so that seems like a no-brainer.

It would be good karma for Devon and Lily to hire the woman Victoria fired so she could set up Nate after their takeover plot failed, and for that woman to then help them beat Newman Media with the very ideas she intended to implement. there before she was dumped unceremoniously. Of course, that outcome hinges on Nate not having the same success in his new position, which is entirely possible since he was trained in medicine, not business.

Although it’s not really a revenge plan, in itself, we’re sure Sally would agree if her insights helped her new employer outperform Victoria’s media division, given all that’s happened. We’d even go so far as to say that Nick would kinda like it too, given how opposed he was to his sister’s hard-nosed move.

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What do you think of SOAPS readers? Should Sally become Lily’s or Devon’s right-hand man at Chancellor-Winters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Check out how Sally wreaked havoc on two soaps in the gallery below.

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