March 20, 2023
LIVALL PikaBoost converts your trusty bike into an e-bike in just 30 seconds - Yanko Design

LIVALL PikaBoost converts your trusty bike into an e-bike in just 30 seconds – Yanko Design

There has been a lot of interest in personal transporters or personal mobility devices over the past few years, most of them revolving around electric scooters. However, some people still prefer to have the best of both worlds of a bike that they can pedal whenever they want while still having motor assistance when they need it. These e-bikes or e-bikes come in many sizes, designs, and capacities, but they all require quite a hefty investment, which also means saying goodbye to your favorite “regular” bike. You might already have the perfect bike in your garage, or you might not be too keen on the extra bells and whistles of a full-fledged e-bike. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose between one or the other, especially with this accessible and ingenious kit that transforms a regular bike into an e-bike in no time.

Creator: LIVALL

Click here to buy now: $299 $599 ($300 off). Hurry up, only 14/1400 left! Over $630,000 raised.

Electric bike conversion kits arose out of a need for a way to add some motorized power without having to remove a beloved bike. It’s certainly more affordable than buying a complete e-bike, but it’s still no joke. And while such kits allow you to fit a motorized add-on to your favorite two-wheeler, the intricacy of installation ensures that you seal your bike’s fate for good. It may be possible to transfer it to another bike, but you may not even try to consider the work you will have to redo.

PikaBoost eliminates all of these issues, giving you not only the power to foot assist your bike, but also the flexibility to install the kit on any bike at any time. It comes as a single unit (not including removable battery compartments) that weighs only 3 kg/6.6 lbs, which adds little weight to a bike. You attach one end to the seatpost and let the other sit on the rear wheel, all without having to use any tools for installation. You can easily remove it again to install it on another bike or put it in your bag to keep it safe while your bike is parked in public.

Semi-assisted pedaling.

Fully assisted without pedaling.

More than ease of installation, the PikaBoost e-bike conversion kit offers most of the capabilities of complete e-bikes and certainly more than more expensive conversion kits bring to the table. The quiet 250W motor provides smooth yet powerful assistance to give your legs and knees a break on rough terrain and banked roads. A variety of advanced sensors work behind the scenes of its Automatic Adaptive Rate, or AAR, technology, providing it with real-time data to adjust motor output based on not just the road, but the riders’ pedaling force as well. It can even stop the motor and wheel instantly when it detects a slip or fall to ensure rider safety.

E-brake – E-brake allows PikaBoost to cut power to the motor the moment the brake levers are pulled.

Drop Detection – Once the lean angle of the bike is detected as greater than 45 degrees, PikaBoost will immediately stop the motor output.

Slip Detection – PikaBoost turns off the engine and automatically switches to the regenerative system when the bike tire loses traction on the road, causing the bike to skid.

Auto Sensing Taillight – The light will turn on automatically by sensing the brake line of the bike to keep you safe during your ride.

Wireless Bluetooth Lock – Automatically locks when your phone’s Bluetooth signal is away from PikaBoost to protect against theft.

Regenerative System – PikaBoost can convert kinetic energy into electricity and therefore works as an energy generator.

The PikaBoost has many features that make cycling safer, more convenient and more enjoyable. An e-brake sensor can be easily attached to the handlebars and mounted to the brake lever to immediately cut off power to the motor when braking. A companion mobile app offers automatic Bluetooth locking to prevent theft as well as a warning notification when the PikaBoost’s battery is low. Even better, it can also convert kinetic energy into electricity, which can be used not only to boost its own battery, but also to charge phones or devices via USB.

You no longer need to say goodbye to your favorite metal frame just to experience the benefits of a smart motor that will help you go the extra mile. For just $299, you can convert any old bike into an e-bike without breaking the bank or your bank account. Now you can truly get the best of both worlds of e-bike health and convenience on your own terms and on your beloved bike.

Click here to buy now: $299 $599 ($300 off). Hurry up, only 14/1400 left! Over $630,000 raised.

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