March 27, 2023
Camila Cabello's goofy joke falls flat on 'The Voice': 'This crowd hates me'

Camila Cabello’s goofy joke falls flat on ‘The Voice’: ‘This crowd hates me’

Camila Cabello has done a wonderful job as The voice, overseeing arguably the strongest team this season. But she’s still working on her comedic timing, especially when it comes to training with Blake Shelton like trainers Adam Levine or Kelly Clarkson did. That led to an awkward — albeit still (unintentionally) funny — moment in Monday’s Battle Rounds, when Camila proved she wasn’t the comedy goat.

Blake’s contestants Kate Kalvach and Madison Hughes had just performed, and Blake mentioned that in the season 22 premiere he released a furry, hoofed team mascot, an actual goat, to attract Kate in her team. (Because Blake is supposed to be the goat of The voiceunderstood?) Blake admitted that “all the goat distraction” that night kept him from realizing how talented Kate really was, at which point Camila randomly chimed in: “I actually brought my goat today. Take it out!”

But there was no goat…and a long, restless silence ensued. In a heavily edited show where producers usually constantly add canned laughter and audience squeals, this break was super uncomfortable — at least for Camila. “This crowd hates me,” she laughed self-deprecatingly, her face turning as red as her dress and hydraulic chair.

“She’s on fire, guys,” John Legend deadpanned.

“Do you guys want please laugh at one of his jokes? Blake warned the audience. “Just a of them?”

But when it comes to coaching, Camila is very serious and seriously on fire. During her only Battle of Monday Night, she did the right thing, moving one of the season’s most interesting artists to the Knockout Rounds. The same sense of decision-making was not necessarily exercised by the other coaches tonight. So Camila may well have the last word this season.

Here’s what happened in Monday’s Battle Rounds:

TEAM GWEN: Kique vs. Tanner Howe, “Forget Me Not”

“I picked a song that I like, so you better not mess it up,” Gwen Stefani warned Kique and Tanner during rehearsals. I don’t know if they fully heeded his warning; Gwen and her team advisor Sean Paul were taken aback by the liberties the two singers took with the melody of this “perfect song”. By the time Kique and Tanner arrived on stage, they had gotten a little closer to the breakfast club original, with both of them nailing that awesome “hey!” who had cheated on them in rehearsal. But the result still looked like a corny John Hughes-themed dinner theater revue. Gwen eventually went with 18-year-old “diamond in the rough” Kique, but suffice it to say Kique is no Jim Kerr. actually, I would have likes to forget about this particular battle. Everyone should just go listen to Simple Minds’ excellent new album direction of the heartwhich came out last week, instead of watching this.


TEAM BLAKE: Hillary Torchiana vs. Kevin Hawkins, “Preach”

How shady of Blake to give these singers a John Legend ballad — when, as Blake noted, John always gets “weird when somebody does their song.” But John was actually thrilled with this battle, especially Kevin’s performance, because he had always wanted Kevin on his team. (Gwen blocked John at Kevin’s blind audition, prompting him to lament, “A piano teacher who sings Stevie Wonder, and I don’t get a chance to fight? I wish I could working with you, Kevin!”) John even gave this “Preach” performance a standing ovation, shouting, “I like this!” Hillary held on with a strong performance — “These guys did an amazing job and stuck to the plan and represented the song,” Blake said — but Kevin, one of Season 22’s most dynamic performers , almost knocked Hillary off the stage. . “You knew you had a tough job to do against Kevin,” Blake admitted, as he made his obvious decision. So, alas, John didn’t have the chance to use his Steal; maybe he can steal Kevin in the Round of 16.

WINNER: Kevin Hawkins

TEAM CAMILA: Sasha Hurtado vs. Devix, “Electric Feel”

Camila dubbed this pairing her “center-left indie duo,” and I liked her crediting them with MGMT’s mid-2000s indie-sleaze classic. They sounded beautifully together on the folksy downtempo arrangement – John said it was his favorite battle of the night so far – and technically, Sasha presented more range and dynamics. But Devix had Phone a unique and fucking sexy voice, so he was clearly a standout. The moment Devix started bitching, he was giving me Miguel/Maxwell vibes, and he made Camila and John purr and even growl in approval. Camila told Devix: “You have a clear vision of who wants to be as an artist. … Sounds like it could have been your song. Gwen actually raved to Devix, “I didn’t even know anyone could sing so beautiful!” So it wasn’t surprising that Camila kept Devix, but I was a little surprised that Gwen spontaneously stole Sasha. “It was just too good. … You just need a little love to nudge you in the right direction,” Gwen explained to her.

WINNER: Devix / STOLEN: Sasha Hurtado joins Team Gwen

TEAM LEGEND: Kim Cruse vs. David Andrew, “Heartbreak Anniversary”

I loved David’s cool vibe and style on this Grammy-esque Giveon duet, but as John lamented, David “delivered what he was supposed to deliver” and was “flawless,” but ” his problem was that he was going against Kim.” Declared by the four coaches as possibly the best singer of season 22, Kim even made Camila delirious: “This huge dragon comes out of you. … It was just masterful. You have one of the best voices I have ever heard. Blake told Kim, “You’re an elite singer. We don’t see a lot of artists on this stage who can do all the things you can do. It was completely understandable that John chose Kim, of course. , but David deserved another chance. Gwen, who had turned and fought for David in the Blinds, seemed very charmed by the elegant and superfly David, so I really wish she hadn’t impulsively used his Steal on Sasha minutes earlier David would have been a fabulous addition to Team Gwen.

WINNER: Kim Cruse

TEAM BLAKE: Kate Kalvach vs. Madison Hughes, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”

Tiny-voiced Madison’s voice had more bite on this Poison power ballad, and I totally dug her attitude (her “yeah, it does” one-liner was pretty fierce). “I swear there’s a bit of Elvis in your voice,” Blake even told Madison. But as was the case with David Andrew, Madison had the sad disadvantage of coming up against one of the best singers of the season. “There’s something really sweet about [Kate’s] voice and how connected she is,” Blake explained. As mentioned above, Blake actually lured Kate onto his team with a goat mascot, so he had to double down and keep that goat on his team.

WINNER: Kate Kalvach

TEAM GWEN: Alyssa Witrado vs. Ian Harrison, “Happier Than Ever”

Gwen had a soft spot for both candidates: Ian was her first recruit of the season, and Alyssa auditioned with “Don’t Speak” by No Doubt. And Gwen’s decision couldn’t be easier once this epic battle began. While Billie Eilish’s whispery, staccato vocal style was right in the wheelhouse of young Alyssa, Ian did a stellar job of embracing the song’s “eccentricity and weirdness” and “leaving that theater and personality go out”. All of the coaches were particularly impressed with the way Ian stepped up his voice at the end, a moment Blake called the “shock factor” of this pair. Gwen even told Ian, “Your voice type for a man is my favorite voice type.” But then Gwen made another impulsive last-minute decision. “I’m telling you, 10%, where I’m leaning right now is not what I thought I was going to do today,” she confessed. “I had absolutely no idea this was going to happen.” And so, Gwen chose Alyssa over Ian. But the episode had a happy ending when John robbed Ian. And everyone was happier than ever…until the brutal cuts continued in Tuesday’s Battle Rounds.

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