March 20, 2023
Kody, Meri and Robyn Brown Say They Feel Betrayed by Christine Brown in Music Video for Upcoming 'Sister Wives' Episode;  Meri insists she's not jealous of Christine's departure

Kody, Meri and Robyn Brown Say They Feel Betrayed by Christine Brown in Music Video for Upcoming ‘Sister Wives’ Episode; Meri insists she’s not jealous of Christine’s departure

“I would suggest we throw you a going away party, Christine, but I don’t want to risk having to hear you sing again.”

Christine Brown continues to suffer the backlash of her ex-husband Kody Brown and sister wives for his decision to leave the Brown family.

In an excerpt from Sunday’s episode of sister wives shared by PeopleChristine sits with Kody, Robyne, Meri and Janelle to give an update on his upcoming move to Utah. At one point during the group chat, Meri tells viewers that she still has “a lot of emotions” about the whole situation.

“Let me say it loud and clear: I don’t care.”

“I feel angry and I feel a bit betrayed and I feel like I understand where she’s coming from,” Meri says. “I also know that anger is a secondary emotion. I’m hurt, you know? I’m hurt that she doesn’t see enough value in our family.

Like Meri, Kody expresses his anger at Christine “leaving the family”, as well as the changes that come with her decision.

In other news, the water is wet and Kody is losing his hair.

“I’m angry that she’s moving to Utah, I’m angry that she’s trying to sell the house, I’m angry that she moved my stuff, I’m angry that she asked me to leave,” Kody said. “I’m angry at a lot of things.”

Although some of the Browns are angry at her decision, Christine continues to put her home on the market, revealing during Sunday’s episode that she received a “good offer” on the house and is currently under contract. Christine’s announcement is met with a supportive, albeit silent, “yay” from Janelle, which Kody doesn’t sit well with.

“There’s nothing to say ‘yay’ in this family- already.”

“Why is Janelle saying ‘yay’,” Kody says to the camera. “I don’t make her think.”

After Christine told the group that she had not only found a home in Utah, but was planning to move the following week, Robyn jumped aboard the Wrath Express with Kody and Meri.

Annnnd here are the water works…

“I don’t like it, I felt like I was pushed out of a plane and I wasn’t ready,” she says.

Upon hearing Christine’s big news, Kody tells the camera that he couldn’t do anything to stop Christine from leaving, even if he wanted to.

“…I’m not going to express my undying love for her, like, ‘Please come back,'” Kody says. “I don’t even like him right now.”

…Except insulting Christine and reminding her why she decided to leave you in the first place.

“I couldn’t stay married to someone who had sideburns [among his wives and kids] and made it known,” explained Christine.

When Meri is asked if she’s jealous of Christine getting out of her miserable marriage to Kody (and polygamy in general), Meri insists she could leave too if she wanted to. However, she still holds out hope that Kody will love her again one day.

(As “Sister Wives” fans know, Meri and Kody haven’t had a romantic wedding in years, and Kody has repeatedly stated that he has no interest in having a romantic or intimate marriage ever again. with Meri.)

“I’m not jealous of Christine that she’s leaving and I can’t [leave] Because I can [leave]. I can do whatever I want,” Meri says.

It’s not the flex you think it is, Mer.

“My strength is to stick around and see if Kody would be willing to work on a relationship, so I’m leaving that door open, but I’m not pining,” Meri insists.

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